10 Tips for Hassle Free Family Trips

We often talk to many of our friends about our trips with kids, and sometimes it seems that some small things that we take for granted are something that our friends consider to be showstopper because they don't know how to deal with this things. That's the reason why I wrote this 10 easy to understand tips to help people what hesitate to even think about the trip with the kids. I hope that you will find it useful.

Here are the 10 Tips for Hassle Free Family Trips:

  1. Positive attitude and good will - there is absolutely no companions or destinations that will suit you if you are in bad mood and you think that the voyage was really bad idea. Simple said - if you think that it is not good time to travel - then don't! On the other hand, if you have chosen to go then be positive about it, because it is the only way that will allow your kids, your companion and yourself to overcome some tense moments (and they do exist on all travels) that will come from fatigue.
  2. Check weather report - it is very useful to check weather report if this is possible in advance in order to choose adequate clothes and footwear. It will save you a lot of troubles to avoid taking with you additional baggage (which can sometime result in extra cost in airplanes for example) or the money that you might spend on your destination in order to buy adequate clothes. I made this error several times - sometimes it was unexpected, but sometimes it was just my mistake. Good site for checking world weather is www.yr.no.
  3. Check attractions in advance - it might be obvious that you know all the major attractions at your destinations (sometime this is the reason why you are traveling there), but be sure to check some not so known ones in close vicinity. One good example is a interactive medieval museum where kids can get dressed as a knights that was almost around the corner in one of the major European towns, but we didn't knew that until our friends told us when they were at the same place a year after us - really pity to miss such attractions. On the other hand, a good preparation will allow us to spend more time on the destination itself because we don't spend time to get know where to go on the spot.
  4. Update your GPS maps and check accuracy of printed maps - no matter do you use good old-fashioned maps or modern technology - be sure to have them up to date. If you are traveling through unknown location a good map can save you a lot of time. And don't be fooled that your two-year old map is young enough - sometimes it's not. We have found that on several occasions.
  5. Take snack with you - it is common question should we take some snack with us. My advice is - definitely yes! If, for example, you travel by car on a highway and to your destination there are multiple gas stops and nearby restaurants, we generally take for granted that we can stop easily to rest and eat. But, road accident can happen at any time and sometimes you will find yourself stucked for hours on most unbelievable places. At that exact moment your kid will become hungry, and with the little ones it is very difficult to make them understand what the situation is and that they cannot eat immediately. A small sandwich, fruit or anything else can be very handy at those times. It is often similar when you travel by other means of transportation. In the end, you know your kids best, and you definitely will know what best suits their needs.
  6. Carefully pack your luggage - the details may differ for one transportation to another, but, be sure to check if it would be better to have four medium-sized bags instead of two large ones. Sometimes it make differ a lot if you carefully split your things in more smaller bags in order to avoid that some begs are overweight. We had the opportunity to find this on our own, when we were flying with one well known low-cost carrier in Europe, we were five, and we had four bags. It was cheaper to buy one extra bag and transfer some things there then to pay for excess weight to the carrier. The backpacks my also be a smart choice to carry some weight on your back and to still have both hands free - that is sometimes imperative with multiple kids. Should we mention luggage with wheels, or there is no other type of luggage anymore?
  7. Carry-on for small ones - from my experience I would highly reccomend the Sling (please check this article to find more info about it). If you have small baby this is a very practical way for your baby to feel your body heat and fragrance what will make it very peaceful and happy, and you will still have two hand free for any other things that you might want to do - from carrying luggage, managing older kids to taking photos.
  8. Have drawing book ready - ofcourse it depend on the age of your kids, but it may be of great help while waiting in restaurants, airports, or any other place that you must spend some time waiting, and where the kids will become very nervous, which will probably spread to your entire family. There are really practical packaging of paints and drawing books in almost any shop. I am sure that you want be sorry if you have this handy.
  9. Check rent-a-car in advance - if your are using rent-a-car on your destination be sure to check few things in advance. It is common that you won't get the exact car that you have reserved, but instead you will get some other car in the same category. Be sure that they really have suitable baby seats if you need them and for example that the boot is large enough. We were several time surprised that the agency cannot deliver what they have confirmed when we made reservation.
  10. Language, money, and culture - it seems obvious, but it is really a good idea to check once more about this few thing if you are traveling abroad, definitely if this will be your first time in that country. Are there any major differences about the culture there and in your homeland? Which currencies are accepted? Should you prepare some of the local money in advance? Do they accept usual credit and debit cards? What about languages? All of this thing will be very important immediately after your arrival, so please check this thing before departure.


Thanks for posting this! All the info is great. Really useful.
I especially liked the advice "Check attractions in advance." You'd think it was obvious, but it's not! Many places aren't as kid-friendly as you'd think!

Here's a great resource you may want to share with your readers (and maybe you'll find useful yourself). http;//realfamilytrips.com is a site that lets users share their experiences with other families for better travel planning. Pass it along if you find it helpful. Thanks! :)

By Nancy Jacobs (not verified)

Based on the content that it has I was so impress with it I really love it .It has a very valuable details and also very informative.

By AndersonSmith (not verified)

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