This is a story about a land of a thousand islands, her magical nature and rich heritage, her great Men whose great deeds have forever etched the name of Croatia in large letters on the map of the world. This is a story about a land whose beauties have been celebrated since ancient times. From Cassiodorus, who wrote of the divine life led by Patricians on her shores, to Dante, who wrote his immortal verses, enthralled by the epic scenes of the blue expanse, and all the way to George Bernard Shaw, who found his paradise on Earth right here. Croatia has always been a place of true inspiration.

Zagreb ZOO


The ZOO in Zagreb might not look spectacular to a world traveler who visited lot of other ZOOs around the world, but it is really worth visiting while staying with kids in Zagreb. It is not large like Toronto ZOO, or it doesn't have some rare animals, but it has charm of its own. First of all it is in the city, and easy reachable by tram from the main square (Ban Jelacic Square, tram no. 11 or 12, exit BUKOVAČKA ). For the Soccer fans, it is opposite the Maksimir stadium where Dinamo and Croatian selection usually play their games. It is also immersed in Maksimir park where you can spend some time walking around the park and the ZOO. All in all, if staying in Zagreb with kids - it is worth visiting this area.

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Kraš Eco Park (Ekopark Kraš)


Actually, to know what Kraš (pronounced like Crush in English) is, you would probably be from one of the ex-Yugoslavian republics, since this candy & sweets factory from Zagreb, Croatia is not really known outside of this region. Some of their products became part of my earliest years and sweet memories of those times. Few years ago they have constructed a nice kids park some 20 kilometers from Zagreb, where kids (but older too) can enjoy a day in the nature. Well, not really in nature, maybe in cultivated nature would be better to say.

Walking around the Park
Feedin the Ponies
Walkway around the artificial lake
Restaurant on the lake
One of the playgrounds
All kids in Croatia know what Ki-ki is :)
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Trogir - The Unforgetable City


Trogir is very important city for me and my family, and one day when I'll write a book about my favorites places in the word, this city will be included for sure. Even my husband and I were considering getting married here. So, what is so special here? A lot of things, I'll say :) Every year during summer holidays we go there with our kids and every time we had a great time.

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Mimice and brief visit to Brač island


Mimice is a small ex. fisherman's village near town of Omiš on Croatian coast. While every tourist that goes over the Adriatic National Road (D8) between Omiš and Makarska has to pass through the village, not many of them actually understand what they have missed. The Adriatic National Road separates the village in two parts, one - under the road with the beaches and beautiful stone houses on the sea, and the other one where the actual center of old village was, is over the road in the pretty steep hill. There is also possibility for a brief one-day visit with the old fisherman's boat to the Island of Brač, that stands just in front of the Mimice.

Fisherman's boat called Jelen (Deer) that now carries tourists on the Island of Brač
Western bay in Mimice called Juto
Kutleša Beach from above
Kutleša Beach
Mimice from the sea
Waiting for the departure
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Considered one of the most beautiful towns in the World by many people - Dubrovnik (Ragusa in Latin and Italian) is situated on the eastern shore of Adriatic Sea. The locals usually call it only "The Town" (or Grad in Croatian) and everyone in Croatia knows about which city you are talking about. The most pleasant time for visit is late spring, autumn, but the mild winters can be beautiful too if the weather is nice. During the summer it's too crowded for my taste.

A view from above
Bambus forest in Arboretum
Arboretum Trsteno
Small harbour bellow Arboretum
Old Harbour of Dubrovnik
Lokrum Island: Peacocks wondering around
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Zadar (Iadera, Iader) is a city in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea and centre of Zadar County and once in history centre of the Dalmatia. It is also seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zadar that is separated from the rest of Croatias dioceses mostly because of the historical reasons. Zadar is one of the most-growing touristic destinations in Croatia, and Ryan Air, one of the major low-cost airlines has made Zadar airport on of their bases - so they now promote Zadar as the major destination in Croatia.   

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