Marvelous Mongolia


In order to cross the land border between China and Mongolia one should take an SUV from the Chinese border town, and get off after crossing the border, at the Mongol border town. Mongolia's border town is called Zamïn-Üüd and the SUV was actually our first encounter with Mongolia. It was a pretty entertaining meeting. Just like in cartoons, when parts of the vehicles are starting to fall off while driving. And the clutch screams every time you shift gears.

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Visiting the Tambopata Reserve in the Amazon River Basin


Visiting the rainforest had always been at the top of my bucket list. When I was a kid, I dreamed of adventuring through the jungle, seeing wild animals and traveling up river by boat. This past summer, I finally had my chance. I booked a four-day adventure with Inotawa Expeditions, an eco-lodge in the La Torre buffer zone of the Tambopata Reserve in the Amazonian River basin of Peru, and was promised that I'd see things I had never seen before. But first, I had to get there, which was easier said than done.

Our boat awaits
Learning about medicinal plants
The bar at Inotawa
The river
Piranha fishing
Mosquito netting!
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Top Ten Places to Visit in Lisbon, Portugal


Not only the capital of Portugal, Lisbon happens to be one of the oldest cities in the world. Predating Rome by hundreds of years, the city has, at various points in history, been ruled by Celtic and Germanic tribes, the Romans, the Moors and the Crusaders, and has barely survived fires and earthquakes. With such a rich history, and located directly at the mouth of the Tagus River by the Atlantic Ocean, it's no wonder the city is home to amazing music, culture and food.

Rossio Square and the Mermaid Fountain
Comercio Square
View from top of Tower of Belem
Jeronimos Monastery
Tiled buildings in Lisbon
Lisbon Oceanarium
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Experiencing China with Kids


China is a destination which earns divided opinions, especially when you consider a trip to China with kids.  If you ask around you will get more than one opinion. Before going there I received a confusing flood of information, ranging from 'do not go, no way' and 'my sister was there with four children and really enjoyed'. I was told that you cannot find bread over there. Some claim Chinese do not know a word in English, and even the way they count differs from what we know. I was told that they have a kind of rolled stuff with green beans and it's sweet and delicious, and that they eat pig tails. I was told that the views are stunning but the people are not nice. A few said the south is great… the north is great. A couple I met at a guesthouse in Pokhara left me a phrasebook of English - Chinese and out of sincere concern recommended me not to go at all.

Jiuzhaigou Valley
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A Cultural Tour of New York City


Just back from a month-long trip to Peru, my daughter and I were looking to do a few fun and exciting weeks in New York City before the schoolyear began. A huge, global city, New York is home to hundreds of different cuisines, and has neighborhoods upon neighborhoods that house various cultures and ethnic groups. We were yearning to explore different tastes and ideas, and therefore, the day after we returned, we went to Chinatown to take a look around, and I spent a day on a food tour, and then the two of us visited all sorts of museums and destinations in Manhattan for the next few days. 

Hot chocolate at Vosges
Rose entrance at the American Museum of Natural History
Metropolitan Museum of Art
In the Egypt area of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Central Park
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Zagreb ZOO


The ZOO in Zagreb might not look spectacular to a world traveler who visited lot of other ZOOs around the world, but it is really worth visiting while staying with kids in Zagreb. It is not large like Toronto ZOO, or it doesn't have some rare animals, but it has charm of its own. First of all it is in the city, and easy reachable by tram from the main square (Ban Jelacic Square, tram no. 11 or 12, exit BUKOVAČKA ). For the Soccer fans, it is opposite the Maksimir stadium where Dinamo and Croatian selection usually play their games. It is also immersed in Maksimir park where you can spend some time walking around the park and the ZOO. All in all, if staying in Zagreb with kids - it is worth visiting this area.

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Go Climb a Rock in Joshua Tree National Park


Rock climbing is not a sport most people associate with children, but have you ever met a kid who did not enjoy scrambling to the top of a boulder or cliff to take in the view or simply feel great about being up so high?  Joshua Tree National Park in southern California is a fantastic place for your kids to get a real desert high.

A classic Joshua Tree
one of the best rocks for climbers
a family portrait on a natural bridge
coming down from a 100 foot route
our daughter, working her way up the wall
family portrait after conquering the boulder maze
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Five Days Visiting Lake Titicaca and Puno


While I had always wanted to visit Lake Titicaca, I never knew that much about the region around the lake. Rich in history, with ancient sites that predate the Inca, the lake also happens to be the largest in South America, spanning a distance larger than Puerto Rico! After three weeks staying in Cusco, I decided to take my daughter on a five-day trip to visit Puno, a town on the northern, Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, as well as to see a few of the many islands. 

Totora reed boat on Lake Titicaca
Terraces on Amantani Island
Helping sort potatoes on Amantani
The view from the top of Amantani
Great view while learning about the people on Taquile Island
The church (left) and weaving/knitting community center (right) on Taquile
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Zion National Park


Zion National Park in Utah is one of the most popular destinations in the southwestern US, and with good reason.  The beauty of the high desert with its red rocks, sheer canyon walls, towering sandstone formations, and the tranquil Virgin River leaves visitors stunned.  Plan to spend at least one week here, but if you can spare two weeks you will enjoy your visit even more.

Hiking to Angels Landing
along the Observation Point trail
at the summit of Angels Landing
ravens in a tree at the Temple of Sinawava formation
all suited up for a day hiking The Narrows
The Narrows
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Uluru: Ayer’s Rock Adventures


One single piece of sandstone, formed millennia ago from sediments laid down when central Australia was part of the great inland sea. Pressed, and pressed, and pressed; then, with a shift in the earth’s crust, tipped on her side and thrust upward until her nose peeked out of the soil, a giant tunneling mole just breaking the surface, extending 6.5 km below the surface. Uluru. Ayer’s Rock.

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