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Our family traveled to Ireland in June 2010 for third time, but for the first time just us and all kids. We were in five, with three children (11Y, 2Y and 2M). Our second daughter had just two months, but we still decided to go. From our previous voyages with our kids, we knew that with little extra organization everything will be fine even with so young child. We were right. We've spent five beautiful days wondering around beautiful Ring of Kerry, with short visit to Cliffs of Moher.

DAY 1 (Dublin to Killarney):

We have flown to Dublin from Vienna with Aer Lingus and the rented a car at the airport with SIXT. To our huge surprise, even though we have confirmed reservation from SIXT, they didn't have children seats that were suitable for our children. That was disappointing. Nevertheless we somehow managed to get child seats and started our drive across Ireland to Killarney. We spent some 4 hours driving, mainly on motorways, and were diverted to old road because of some construction works.

Then we easily found our accommodation at Castle Lodge Guest House, which was a 5 beds family room reserved through booking.com, which we highly recommend. The location is central to Killarney, parking is available for free and accommodation includes breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Breakfast room has baby seats available.

DAY 2 (Ross Castle, Killarney National Park):

On our second day we've visited Ross Castle that was really close to our accommodation. Ross Castle is situated on the bank of the Lough Leane and it's departing point for the lake boat cruises. The castle itself is beautiful with lake nearby leads you to the magical fantasy world. I always wish to emphasize the special color of Irish grass which is so different then everywhere else. That beautiful green color which merges with the blue lake and stone castle will definitely leave you breathless. In the castle vicinity it's possible to get ride on horse coach. Our older daughter really wanted to go with the coach, but our decision was to go for a boat trip tomorrow.

While we had brought buggy for our younger daughter we hadn't used them at all during the voyage. The reason is that I found out about the Sling wrap in which you can carry out baby around. for pure curiosity I bought the Sling before the journey in case of need, and it turned out that our baby was in it almost all the time.

I've heard about this wrap before, but unfortunately, I used it for the first time with my third child. I would like to recommend it to all parents who would like to freely move around without being restricted by the buggy. if you wish to wonder through the nature, and here in Ireland is beautiful then this is really something you should consider. And you do have an extra free arm for another kid in case of need. We were really surprised that our baby seemed to enjoy laying inside the Sling.

After short walk around the castle, we continued to explore surrounding Killarney Nation park by driving around it.

During the car ride we made few stops to enjoy the nature. There was a nice lookout spot from where we had beautiful view of the lake. For even better view I recommend to make a short walk from the road and to go to the edge of the lookout. Here the Sling was really useful. While driving around we met lot of carriages with tourists which enjoyed this beautiful nature like we did.

Unfortunately I don't know names of all places where we passed by or stopped, but we saw so many nice things that it's really hard sometimes to describe them. The most impressive site was a view with the old stone bridge made of strange dark stone and green grass under it. Picture is worth more then thousand words, but in reality it looks even more impressive.


DAY 3 (Lough Leane, Ring of Kerry, Rossbehy Beach , Portmagee , Staigue Stone Fort ):

On this day we decided to go around Ring of Kerry. In the morning we went back to Ross Castle in order to take a boat for a ride around Lough (Lake) Leane. It was quite smooth ride which took around one hour.

After returning we started our car ride around the Ring of Kerry. We decided to go counterclockwise and drive all around it. One of the first impressive site that we visited is Rossbehy Beach which is kilometers long sandy beach. Since it was sunny and worm, we decided to at least put our feets in the sea, but our 2-year old son was wet in no time.We spent some time walking barefooted on the beach. There were lot of people on the beach enjoying like us, some of them even swimming in the sea even it was a little bit too cold for us. Some of them were enjoying with their children and others with their pets. Since the beach is enormous, you really can enjoy your little private part of the beach.

Following the trail of Ring of Kerry we came to Portmagee, cosy little place on the shore. The village is located south of Valentia Island, where we also crossed for a quick exploration over a bridge and enjoyed beautiful view. It was very windy there, so we left quickly. This is one of the places where we decided that needs further exploration some other time. After having lunch in Portmagee we proceeded to the Staigue Stone Fort. It is a round forth made of rocks which was very interesting for our kids. Since we were the only visitors at that time, our kids were running around freely and exploring the mystery corners of the place.

The sheeps that were doing their own business didn't care much about us walking around them. While returning to the main road we stopped in o local bar in a middle of nowhere. We decided to treat ourselves with the Irish Coffee, of course adults only, while the kids enjoyed the juices. Unfortunately I wasn't much impressed with the coffee. I admit that I have never drunk it before, but that enormous amount of whiskey, mixed with black coffee and something looking like whipped cream didn't look and tested nice. So I left most of it.

DAY 4 (Cliffs of Moher ):

On the fourth day we wen to Cliffs of Moher. We were driving to the village of Trailee, when we took a ferry over the channel. It is quite difficult to remain indifferent when you first wee this site, but my husband and I were here two times before. First time that we were here it was quite different site, more wilder then now. And now again, I am still impressed, maybe little less then before all the touristic machinery destroyed it original charm. I must admit that they have done great job to minimize impact of the nature, but somehow I like it more like it was before. More then 200 meters high cliffs are surely something special, and I invite all visitors to Ireland to make journey here. Our oldest daughter enjoyed with us this beautiful view, our son enjoyed running freely around the grass and our younger daughter enjoyed her Sling.

Since the cliffs are quite remote from Killarney this day was quite hard for us so we went back since we are leaving Killarney tomorrow.

DAY 5 (Blarney Castle, Rock of Cashel):

We left our accommodation and went to Cork to change the car, since we heard on several occasions some strange noises coming form under it while breaking. We found at SIXT counter at the Cork airport a nice lady that changed our car with out any problems, even we got a better car then before. And surprisingly, they do have child seats, so we asked to rent one for a travel back to Dublin.

Later we visited Blarney Castle where is famous Blarney Stone. It is interesting how a good legend can attract visitor. It is told that anyone that kisses Blarney Stone on the top of the Blarney Castle will have special gift of eloquence. We did climbed up, but somehow we skipped the kissing part. I am too queasy for that. Interesting experience.

The whole estate is worth visiting, with lot of interesting details like witches cave, wishing steps, etc. We enjoyed for ours our stay there, recommended for everyone.

During the ride back to Dublin, we stopped at Rock of Cashel. The ruins of a castle with ruins of large church and cemetery around it were both frightening and magnificent. While walking around the ruins we felt like we really traveled through the time. Very nice place.

We returned back to Dublin in late hours and found accommodation near the Dublin Airport, since we had plane in the early morning back to Vienna.

DAY 6 (Flying home):

Time to go back home. Too fast, as usual. It was nice, especially because all of our kids were with us. And they were really good. We will surely take them to some of our next voyages.

We've flown back to Vienna, without any issues and continued our trip with our car back home.

Ross Castle
Lough Leane
Rossbehy Beach
Near Rossbehy Beach
Near Portmagee
Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher
Blarney Stone


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