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Considered one of the most beautiful towns in the World by many people - Dubrovnik (Ragusa in Latin and Italian) is situated on the eastern shore of Adriatic Sea. The locals usually call it only "The Town" (or Grad in Croatian) and everyone in Croatia knows about which city you are talking about. The most pleasant time for visit is late spring, autumn, but the mild winters can be beautiful too if the weather is nice. During the summer it's too crowded for my taste.

We spent several days in Dubrovnik and tried to visit most of its attractions and curiosities. Maybe we spent a little bit more time than in other towns we visited to study a little bit more deeply the past of this unique city/country since it's quite impossible to circumvent the feeling of the old ages which is erupting from any stone or building in the town.

It's quite difficult to visit Dubrovnik and not visit the City Walls. They embrace the Old Town of Dubrovnik, and are quite thick, on some parts more than 5 meters on the side facing the sea. Thanks to them the town was protected and free for centuries where the rich cultural life and economy, mostly thanks to well known diplomatic and maritime skills of the inhabitants has blossomed.

To walk around the City Walls you will need to spend around two hours, and its generally connected with your ability for a longer walk and taking stairs. Its not recommended to walk with babies, because it can be quite difficult to walk with the buggies, and the other reason can be thousands of tourists in your way. But if you are with the older kid or you are alone - don't miss them, because you will get unforgettable views of the city itself with its unique yellow domes, but also of the surrounding area and the clean blue sea which can be quite agitated and splash on the stone walls.

You should stay away of the City Walls during extreme heat hours in the summer. We really recommend to visit it during the nice spring or autumn days. The number of sunny days in the Dubrovnik area is quite impressive on the yearly basis.

From the City Walls you can also have a nice view of the Old harbor from where there are ships departing for the Natural Reserve situated on the nearby island of Lokrum. The ride is quite short - it takes only around 15 minutes to reach the island. Guys, this is close to visit the heaven itself, and it would be total error not to spend some hours there even the whole day. You can take with you even the smaller babies, since there is lot of shade under the trees, there is a small salty lake (connected with the sea through the small cave), lot of privacy, the Peacocks wandering around (don't try to play with their youngsters - they bite), Botanical Garden and lot of small hidden places. The Island itself is not large at all, and you can walk around it in about two hours. There is also a restaurant and cafe bars when you can easily get you refreshments. But be aware that there are no sandy beaches.

There are lot of stories that connect this small island to some of well known historical personalities like King Richard the Lionheart and empress Sissi, since it has attracted lot of people even in ancient time with its undisputable beauty which is preserved until today. The locals from Dubrovnik love to visit the island and the tourists too.

The cruisers which are anchored around the City Walls in some way return us to the present time since its quite easy to imagine visiting the some old different times. For me, Dubrovnik is even more prettier from the sea, so I really recommend to make this visit and enjoy this unique view.

The city itself is not so large, and the Old Town is quite small. It's nice to spend some time wondering thought the stone streets and squares full of life, especially when there are no tourists from the cruisers which do occupy entire city in no time.

The hill above the town gives you spectacular view of Dubrovnik and surrounding area. To reach the belvedere on the top you can take the Cable Car or by the Car, but it's also possible to walk - which is not quite recommended to do with the kids, since the climb is quite steep. The hill is called Srdj (Srđ in Croatian) and there is not much to see there except the restaurant with belvedere and the crucifix. Nevertheless the visit will pay off because of the view of the Old Town. Absolutely phenomenal.

Of the nearby attractions around the Dubrovnik we should definitely mention the Arboretum in the nearby village of Trsteno. This place is situated around 20km northwest of the Dubrovnik, but it is never crowded like in Dubrovnik. The mariners of the old ages had the habit to bring exotic plants from all around the World which during the centuries resulted in the beautiful gardens. This place is very pleasant for the kids, at least our kids do love to stay here whenever we visit it. Maybe it's quite difficult to explain why is so nice here, even if you are surrounded by the nice plants and trees, maybe the feeling of calmness and enjoyment while you stay here is something that's hard to explain with words. Maybe our pictures will be of more help.

I believe that we will write about Dubrovnik area in other articles, since we covered only small deal of the attractions there.

A view from above
Bambus forest in Arboretum
Arboretum Trsteno
Small harbour bellow Arboretum
Old Harbour of Dubrovnik
Lokrum Island: Peacocks wondering around
Dead Sea at the Lokrum Island
Lokrum Island
Peacock on Lokrum Island
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