Kraš Eco Park (Ekopark Kraš)

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Actually, to know what Kraš (pronounced like Crush in English) is, you would probably be from one of the ex-Yugoslavian republics, since this candy & sweets factory from Zagreb, Croatia is not really known outside of this region. Some of their products became part of my earliest years and sweet memories of those times. Few years ago they have constructed a nice kids park some 20 kilometers from Zagreb, where kids (but older too) can enjoy a day in the nature. Well, not really in nature, maybe in cultivated nature would be better to say.

Train (Kraš express)We went there as two families - four kids in total - on a early Sunday morning. It turned out that it wasn't the best time to go there, since there was a wedding last night and you could see many signs of party all over the place, and few things were still closed on our arrival. The only way to get there is to go by car from Zagreb by the old road, or just to take first exit on a A1 highway (exit 1A) and proceed on the old road following the clearly marked road signs towards Bratina. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes from Zagreb to go there.

One of the playgroundsThe good thing is that the parking and entrance is completely free.

There are many small wooden houses where you can even oversleep, some of them quite luxurious with the pools outside. The houses are distributed all over the place, so that you don't have the feeling that the neighbors are just few meters away. If you are looking some time to spend on your own in a quiet space, it might disturb you that the park visitors are walking all around your accommodation. All houses are named by factory chocolate and candy brands - a that might be really funny (I slept in chocolate house smiley).

Beside the houses, there are also several small lakes, few restaurants and bars. There is plenty of space to walk around, and lot of children playgrounds to let children play. There is even a small train (without rails driving on the paved road) driving children around the park - but unfortunately first ride was too late for us.

Feedin the PoniesAnother nice thing is that they have plenty of animals, both farm and wild ones. That was really fun with kids playing with the ponies and goats, but the wild ones were really terrified by us and were all hiding from our look. Our kid haven't hesitated to feed them with some grass that we found on the spot. It seems that they are really used to be fed by kids.

All in all, if you are somewhere around here - nice place to spend some time in the fresh air, and kids really have something to do for hours while parents can walk around and eat/drink something in the restaurant or bar. On the other hand, there is nothing spectacular that I could mention as a major attraction here.

Walking around the Park
Feedin the Ponies
Walkway around the artificial lake
Restaurant on the lake
One of the playgrounds
All kids in Croatia know what Ki-ki is :)
A little zoo
Train (Kraš express)
Western style small church
Wooden bridge over the lake to a small island
A view of the lak
A vie from the above
Small island on the lake
A vie from the above
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