Enjoying Vietnam with Kids - On the Beach of Mui-Ne

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When you think about eastern beaches with kids, Vietnam is not the first to come to mind. Most people prefer to travel to Thailand or Goa with their children. But anyone looking to diversify a bit or find a quiet, luxurious place, free of noisy crowds, is welcomed to consider this option. I went to Vietnam with my children just to spend three months on the beach … 

Here are some tips:<--break->

  • Mui-Ne is a small and beautiful beach that is located within a five hours' bus drive distance from Ho-Chi-Minh City.
  • The bus comes to pick you up from your hotel at Ho-Chi-Minh, and brings you to a hotel at Mui-Ne.
  • One straight road. On one side are the beach and the hotels, built one after the other, and on the other are hotels, shops, spas and that's it. Mui-Ne has only things related to vacation.
  • Kite-surfing enthusiasts like the place and there are a lot of surfing options, equipment and rental shops and learning centers.
  • Consider that on a vacation like this, you won't do much of anything except swim in the pool, walk along the beach, play in the sand and swim in the sea. Oh... and eat.
  • Mui-Ne is a paradise for seafood lovers. Along the boardwalk there are restaurants showcasing aquariums with the variety of animals you can eat here. Octopus, squid, shrimp, various types of clams, crabs, snakes, lizards and turtles.
  • And for the fruit lovers. Pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, anona, lychee, jack fruit and much more... They prepare fresh Aloe Vera juice, and avocado juice as well.
  • The place looks completely western. Everything is clean, beautiful and modern. Unlike what people think about the east or Vietnam.
  • The hotels are amazing. The service, in most cases, is great.
  • You can rent a bike or a moped to get around comfortably. On the other hand there are moped-taxis or regular taxis all over the region. There is a local bus too.
  •  Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) – A stunning natural jewel in the center of the coast. The water is pouring from the ground. It's warm and flows in a kind of small and shallow river to the sea. Walk along the river barefoot on silky soft sand. A children's delight. Colored dunes adorn the landscape. Somewhere along the way there is also an ostrich farm that offers a short ride.
  • Lively nightlife including a lot of alcohol, clubs, live performances.
  • Those concerned with health– there is an ambulance and a professional clinic.
  • One of the place's biggest advantages (and the reason I chose to settle there) is that it's a desert area, so the humidity is very low. So even though you live right on the beach, you don't even feel it! The weather is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
  • Life here is very comfortable. There is free fast Wi-Fi almost everywhere, excellent coffee, air conditioners everywhere and all kinds of massages you can imagine.
  • There is one hotel that offers a private mud bath. Take the kids and let them feel like in Shrek. After the bath you get free access to the enormous pool filled with healthy mineral water.
  • All types of massages are available. Including hot stones and alike. And all kinds of specials like an exfoliation massage with rice milk or coconut milk, or a massage with Aloe Vera.
  • You can purchase tour packages in all travel agencies in the area.
  • And, of course, experience a variety of water sports. Boogie surfing, windsurfing and jet skiing.
  • Despite the area's touristic nature many service providers don't speak English.
  • In short: Prepare yourself for a high level vacation at a low price.

Sample prices:

  • An excellent hotel with a sea view, a pool and a private beach (family room with breakfast) - $30-$60, but there are also luxury hotels that offer amazing bungalows and such. Prices can reach $500 per night.
  • Cold coffee - $0.5
  • A bottle of beer - a little less than a dollar.
  • Hot pot filled with seafood - $5.5
  • Peeled and cut sweet pineapple - $0.5
  • Body massage – the price varies greatly. Depending on whether you go to the small institutes or the prestigious institutes. Roughly between $5 per hour to $25 per hour.
  • Daily bicycle rental - $2-$8 per day.
  • Coconut juice straight from the fruit - $0.5



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