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We left Rapid City early in the morning and made our way East toward the Badlands. Our first stop was Wall Drug. I remember visiting Wall, ND with Josh on our honeymoon. We passed through late at night, so nothing was open. The only thing I really remember is seeing the giant dinosaur by the road. Well, it turns out that Wall Drug is a first class tourist trap!

wall drug, the famous drug store in Wall South DakotaI imagine that Wall Drug would be a really fun place to wander around, just looking at all the amazing/ridiculous things they have going on there… IF you didn’t have three kids trailing behind you, begging you to buy EVERYTHING. Seriously, this place was crazy. Look one way and there’s a covered wagon to sit in, look another way, there’s a mini spray park. Ooh! Look over here… DONUTS! And rocks for sale and a cowboy store and a chapel (yes a chapel!) and a restaurant and a book store and four thousand toy stores. And more and more and more.

We quickly picked out some rocks and plastic animals, paid for our things, and made a beeline out of there! I’ve got to hand it to the guy who created Wall Drug… he definitely thought of everything! Word to the wise… don’t take your kids unless you want someone to cry because you won’t buy them forty two souvenirs.

More info about Wall Drug:

Located at 510 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790

Open 7 days a week from 7 am to 6 pm (closed on major holidays)

Free parking is available all over in adjacent parking lots

fun in a covered wagonWall Drug first opened in 1931. Business was slow for 5 years, until everything changed in 1936. The owners started offering free ice water to travelers and put signs up near the Interstate advertising the free ice water. Before they knew it, their little drug store was booming. Read the whole story here.

Today, all along I-90, there are signs everywhere advertising Wall Drug. It's grown to a 76,000 square foot shopping and dining establishment that boasts 20,000 visitors a day during peak season! There's so much to see and do at Wall Drug that you couldn't possibly have enough spare time to do everything!

Here are some highlights:

things to do in South Dakota with kids visit Wall Drugthe animated T-Rex

fun photo prop statues in the courtyard

the mini spray park

5 cent coffee



souvenir shops

a chapel

And they still give away free ice water. And bumper stickers. It's the kind of place you simply have to experience at least once in your lifetime! If you go in knowing that it's crazy and chaotic and kind of over-the-top, you'll love it!

wall drug, the famous drug store in Wall South Dakota
chapel inside Wall Drug
kids playing arcade games at Wall Drug tourist trap
kids picking out rocks to buy at a souvenir shop
fun in a covered wagon
girl playing in a covered wagon at Wall Drug
kids posing with a stuffed buffalo
jackalope statue photo prop at Wall Drug
kids watching the animated T Rex at Wall Drug
things to do in South Dakota with kids visit Wall Drug
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