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Italy is very nice country and we have visited it a lot of times. Lago di Garda is our favorite lakes in northern Italy. Every time we come we discover new places around the lake, and enjoy countryside around it. In one article it isn’t possible to describe all experiences, so I decided to deal with just one of our great experiences in Gardaland, the magic word for kids and adults. We came by car and had accommodation in Malcesine. This locality isn't so close to Gardaland (around 50km), but it doesn't matter because we wanted to take a tour around the lake, and see a lot of locations on the lake shore.

DAY 1 (Malcesine)

We came in Malcesine in morning hours and after check in, best described as a family hotel, we walked around the city. Malcesine is popular with tourists on holidays who are looking for a relaxing time on the lake shore, but also with sports enthusiasts who are aiming to take advantage of the lake or Monte Baldo behind the town. We decide to visit Monte Baldo a day after our visit to Gardaland, because we wanted to see a spectacular view over Lake Garda. There is a beautiful castle in Malcesine, but unfortunately we didn’t went inside. Intead we promises to came back next time and to explore it in more details. 


DAY 2 (Gardaland)

GardalandGardalandGardalandThis day was reserved for Gardaland. One day isn’t really enough to visit entire park, but if you came on workday in autumn or spring, you have a chance to visit a lot of attractions without waiting for long time in queues. In summer there are too many visitors, and you will have to wait in average around one hour for each of the attractions. Our child was seven years old at the time, but she didin’t like aggressive attractions like Blue Tornado (large roller coaster) or Magic Mountain. I am older, but I also have a problem with this kind of attractions. Fortunately, there is a lot of different things to have fun here. We had great experience at following attractions: Jungle Rapids, Ramses II Risveglio and I Corsari. In Ramses it was a little too dark for our child so she was crying throughtout the voyage. But, the other childs were enjoying. If you have small kids you can also fid amusing things since the big part of park is created just for them. You can visit a big tree, a farm, Funny Express and a lot of other great things.  My husband has more courage than us, and he went on the free fall (Space Vertigo). But, after that drive he was shooked-up :). The great thing is a map which shows you what level of courage (or madness) you need for something. We spent the etire day in park and we were unable to see everything. But we had a great time, and very satisfied and tired went back to hotel.


DAY 3 (Monte Baldo)

Monte BaldoMonte BaldoMonte BaldoBefore our trip home we've visited Monte Baldo. In just 10 minutes, the cable car (actually two cable cars, since there is a stop in the middle) climbs 1,700 meters to the top of Mount Baldo at an altitude of around 1,800 meters. This is probably one of the most spectacular view over Lake Garda. On the top we've enjoyed watching the lounch and flyof the paraglides. Usually we saw them flying, but this is first time that we see their start. It’s so interesting. We'we also seen a lot of cows walking around, and lot of people hiking. Great place, really recommended. After few hours on the mountain air and great lunch, we went to our sweet home where we could talk about great last days.

The castle in Malcesine
Monte Baldo
Monte Baldo
Monte Baldo
Monte Baldo
Monte Baldo


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