A short visit to Egypt

9 years
2008-08-17 to 2008-08-21

We went to Egypt for pure curiosity. Nobody of us three was there before this voyage. I don't know why we didn't went to Cairo but to Hurgada instead, probably because it's well known tourist destination on the sea. I was so young at the time and I couldn't wait to enter airplane and fly to Egypt.


DAY 1 (Hurgada)

It was a day to remember. On the airport we met our group which was led by a nice lady from Slovenia. Before leaving for our hotel we first have visited two churches and a Mosque. The first of the churches was a Catholic church, and the second one was an Orthodox church. They were very nicely arranged and were quite different from churches at our home. We were not allowed to enter Mosque so we just walked around it and it resembled library from outside. 

After this brief visit we went to our hotel which was really above our expectations. It resembled an old fortress and it was very beautiful and very impressive. After we have checked in one of the small electric cars came to take us to our room. We went around the fortress to the other part of the hotel, which was much bigger. Our room was large and beautiful. We had a tremendous look toward east. Since it was quite late we went for dinner in the restaurant which was situated in the fortress. The food was very exotic but also very tasteful.


DAY 2 (Luxor, The Valley of the Kings)

On this day we wen to our first excursion, and all of us were very eager to leave. First we visited an temple in Luxor. The temple is very high with the pillars 300 meters high. What is very interesting is that those pillars were erected without any machinery at that time. After the temple we went to see The Valley of the Kings were almost all pharaohs were buried. In the desert it was like 56 degrees centigrade but it doesn't looked like it was so hot because there is not much humidity there. 

After the visit of suffocating tombs we went to see the temple of one beautiful Goddess. Then we went for a boat ride on the Nile which is really enormous river. We also visited a factory where they carve stone by hand to different shapes. It was very hard day but also very nice.

DAY 3 (Hurgada)

At least we managed to enjoy some swimming in the sea. The temperature of the sea was about 39 degrees centigrade. It was delightful to swim in it. We met diving instructors there which were very pleasant guys. I had the most wonderful experience of scuba diving.

Before dinner we took a cab that has dropped us at the souvenir shop. We bought a little bit of everything. At the end the owner has arrived and he treated us with free coffee. It looked to me that everyone here is very nice and pleasant and that was very appealing to me.

DAY 4 (Hurgada)

This day was reserved for swimming, swimming and swimming :) The sea was delightful. So clean and so hot. With diving instructor we went again to undersea world which was wonderful. From time to time I was waiting Nemo to pass by men. There were many jellyfishes, turtles, and all kind of fishes. Again, I must emphasize the cleanness of the sea.

Unfortunately this day was our last day here. I was so sorry to have to leave, but I promised myself that I will return, and go to see pyramids at Gizah. i will always gladly remember this voyage.




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