Travel with kids - penalty or fun?

My husband and I always loved traveling. Whenever we find few days for us, and save few pennies we invest them in research of new places. Very often other members of our family like to argue that we are spending money on crazy things. But, they don't understand that our travels are investments in ourselves and our marriage, and that we always return richer of new experiences and happiness. Personally I feel that my views of the world are hugely expanded since we had opportunity to travel around the world, meet other cultures, their customs and that we both wont to continue enjoy all of that.

Little changed in our views of live when we got our kids. First we got a girl, then a boy and then a another girl. We never thought that our kids are in any way stopping us to continue travel around the world. Yes, some additional organization is needed, but it pays off. For example, when we were traveling alone, we really didn't care much about accommodation, because we could always find something on the route, but when you have kids traveling with you, you would like to sure that your accommodation is waiting for you. Then you will probably take more time to find safer neighborhood, then it would before, and you won't go to bars in the night. But when you think about it, those things are really small tradeoffs when you compare it with your benefits. We also hear form time to time that our kids are too small to remember any of our traveling.

I frankly think that remembering a city or countries is not so relevant when you compare it to their experience of the world, other people that live outside of their usual small worlds. Our older daughter is already showing the result of our "investing" in her. The amount of autonomy that she has collected is tremendous, and she is now, with only 13 years more then capable of finding her way around even on the largest airports in the world. That amount of independence she is showing every day in school and hers other activities. The fear of flying which is very common among older people is something that she never had. And the most important this is her understanding of importance of foreign languages. It's really not so important to get good grades in school in foreign languages, but to understand, for herself, that when you travel around the world foreign languages are obligatory, that you can easily interact with other people that don't speak your language is something completely different.

We have a wall with world map where we stick small dots where we have traveled. Whenever we take a look at the map, we easily remember our voyages, but our kids learn geography in quite different way that in school. If you like to spend time with your kids and you feel that your consciousness is hurting because you left your kids at home when you have to travel, take every possibility and bring them with you. Small adjustments that you need to do will make your traveling more enjoyable, easygoing and you will enjoy every moment you spend with them.

I hope that you will sail to your new family trip. My family is already joyfully planing our next destination smiley


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