What is the best time for first travel of your kids?

Personally, I believe that there is no answer to that question? Every parent should know or feel when his little sunshine is ready for traveling around the world.

When I look at people with whom I meet every day I see many differences in upbringing of their child and also their readiness for travel. If the parents are not willing to travel on their own, they will teach their children to think about traveling in same way, so I very often see that there are 13 year old children around me that have never left their hometown. When I pack my kid to go to the school excursion outside of my country, some of her classmates don't even have passports to leave the country, and they are most unprepared for traveling challenges.

On the other side, if you are eager to travel and enjoy traveling with your kids from first months of their life, I believe that their perception of life and world around them will be different - more open.

The first travel of my own youngest child was when she was just 2 months old. Lot of people around me, including my parents and relatives were puzzled with our decision to travel with three kids, with daughter that was so young, but we really enjoyed staying together. My hart is full of joy when I look back to the rear seats of our car, when all three kids are traveling with us. Since our youngest still needed buggy we carried them along with diapers, tissues and extra clothes. One of the most used thing was a sling. We were using it all the time, so the buggy was not used at all, and we had to carry it to and from the plane for nothing. It was also my first time that i was using sling, because was not using it with my older kids. I heartily reccomend it!

And if you are not able to travel long distance because of financial issues, you can always travel around your town, visiting attractions nearby. It is also travel as a long distance one, but it will too fulfill you and your kids. The most important thing is to have good mood about it.


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