9 Reasons Why this is the Best Time to Travel to Asia (especially with kids)

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The number of travels my children and I have spent coming and going to Asia attests how this destination captivated our fascination. My family just can’t get enough of Asia and our quest for Asian adventure has been insatiable. My children and I shared sheer joy to embark on trips to Asia - mainly India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. Certainly, the list will go on.

1.  English is common

Historic site in North IndiaAs Asia gravitates toward globalization, national orientation pushes for  the proliferation of English language.  10-20 years ago, many tourists struggle with communication issues. But very recently, language barrier may be a thing of the past. In most Asian destination today, you can easily come across local English speakers who can help you and give you all the information you need. Signage, menus, brochures and communications mostly written in English make the travel planning and experience smooth.

Local fellows can facilitate simple to complex communication in English. Due to the influx of tourists, locals have become highly acquainted to interact with foreigners. This has created the children an avenue for self-expression and a medium to engage in conversations. They are more involved, participative and sociable.


2.  It is comfortable

Asia is not what it used to be in terms of tourism advancement. In majority of places you will find modern facilities, air conditions, internet, western food and other things that make them “closer to home”. These amenities are particularly essential to children because they find it hard to depart from the lifestyle and routine they are acquainted with. Understandably, part of them will refuse to forego the comfort they have known.

For one, internet connectivity helps them keep in touch with significant family and friends, thus help them feel less far away from home. They have different tolerance level and may struggle to trade basic comforts the way adults do. These basic comforts make traveling to a new culture less unbearable for children.

3.  The views are amazing

Amazing  view in Spiti indiaWell, Asia offers everything you can dream of: Panoramic paradise, the friendliest fellows, lovely lakes and landscapes and sun-kissed scenery, 

But as Asia gears up for tourism, these awe-inspiring wonders are in constant jeopardy. As in anywhere else, human activities are eating up natural spaces; and accentuating tourism may potentially degrade these natural creations. As these places go through high-speed transitions toward being extremely ‘tourist- friendly’, they become less authentic and less natural.. Man-made initiatives like infrastructure, markets, etc. to accommodate and attract more visitors are apparently taking a huge toll on the natural wonders. From a tourist perspective, it makes sense to visit Asia now, before natural beauty makes place for highways and souvenir shops.

4.  Ancient culture

Asia has a full measure of ancient culture. It always has that classic charm to it. Adults and children alike share that interest in relics and remnants of eras bygone. Taking children to Asian trips will usher them to discover a whole diverse world with tribes and traditions, customs and costumes, religion and believes, music and songs and admirable people. They can meet children their age that live a totally different lifestyle and environment.

Our Asian travels have brought immense learning experience to my children.  On a side note, it is a challenge for Asia to resist change or fossilize their rich heritage. Taking my children in the middle of gradual transitions give me pride of rallying on the side of anticipation.

5.  Great local food

Food selllerWhatever destination you choose, you can rest assured that the local food will be great. The emergence of food tourism catering to foreign taste buds is a sigh of relief to traveling kids. Local and international culinary masterpieces in tourist-friendly restaurants also serve a wide selection of food preferences for youngters on the go.

Cheap local street counters are a main-stay and are virtually everywhere. But as with everything else, food is also going through rapid changes. This culture of local people selling their food on the street is also gradually disappearing. In some countries it is now forbidden.  These street foods may go down the memory lane sooner than expected. I am uncertain as to what will stay from all of it after a few years.


6.  Convenient transportation

Mobility is a crucial factor in every travel. This aspect is particularly imperative when you have kids in the crew. Fortunate for us, the transportation side of our Asian trips has been remarkable. In most places you can find a great variety of transportation means to provide your needs to get from one place to another. From domestic flights down to the fully equipped tourist buses, jeeps, taxis, mini-vans and motorbikes, Asian destinations have them.

Transportation has never been this convenient. Routes are accessible and there are generally a number of ways and means to reach a single location. This makes the experience a lot less stressful.

7.  Meeting travelers from around the world

When you travel to Asia, you meet not only the locals, but also numerous other travelers from all over the world, from all walks of life, and from all ages. It is almost as if the world is coming to you, while fastened on   your chair.

The children can hear stories from all over the world while drinking a large pineapple shake. It is also a very pleasant and encouraging experience to encounter traveler their age. This convergence of multi- culture and ethnicity brings with it an unexplained bond and connection that transcend culture and geographic barriers. This leaves a sweet and lasting impact in the children’s mind and heart.

8.  It is Affordable

Money always matters in traveling abroad – especially with kids. Traveling to Asia is still relatively inexpensive. $1200 will make-do for several days of family travel around a single Asian destination. As traveling costs continue to escalate, this amount might not go very far in a decade or so. If you are a thrifty traveler and seeks out family adventures on a budget, Asia is for you. Every single penny is money well spent.

9.  The ultimate liberty

In Vietnam with a foreign friendAll these reasons together converge to an intense feeling of freedom. The ease and comfort of modern world on the one hand, and timeless threads of historic tapestry on the other hand - all these come in affordable package..

Social evolution is outpacing us; metamorphosis is underway; modernity is infiltrating all know facets of national identities. In just a matter of time, the things that belong to the past may soon give way to the future, unless we make it relevant to the present.

I see an apparent sense of urgency because I’m afraid Asia will not and cannot stay the same ten or fifteen years from now.  Which is why this is such a wonderful time to travel Asia.


Even the tent at some small village in the mountains of india looks great..
Amazing  view in Spiti india
Historic site in North India
At Vashisht, small village in India
Food selller
Mui-ne beach in Vietnam
A sleeping bus in India
Our Vietnamese friends
With a friend from Hong Kong
In Vietnam with a foreign friend
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