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Things to do in Wollongong, places to see and spots to explore. There is so much to see and do that you would need at least a year to see it all. If you are limited to time then here are a few of the major attractions that are a must.


There are 17 Patrolled Beaches in and around Wollongong. With 9 Public Pools, you could have fun all week long.

One of the Many Beaches in Wollongong

In the Inner Part of Wollongong there is about 15 Restaurants to choose from. Fancy something with Steak, or Fish, or even Italian? Then you will be happy with the choices in the inner city.

Driving out to Shellharbour you will find many more Cafes where you can experience Pizza, Fish n Chips and more. Sitting on the Water front will provide a scenery of tranquility, while the Children of all ages will enjoy the Playground.

If you are wanting to explore Sydney you can either Drive or Catch a Train from Wollongong Station or North Wollongong Station. On Sundays its a perfect way to travel because you can purchase a Train Ticket for $2.50 per person and that will give you access to trains, buses, and Ferries.

For Paid Attractions

There are places where you can pay to enter and experience a fun family filled day. From Jamberoo Action Park to Illawarra Fly TreeTop Walk, Science Centre, Historical Aircraft Restoration to even Indoor Play Centres.

For Free Attractions

There is Wollongong Art Gallery, Museums, Libraries and many beach walks. There is also a Free Shuttle Bus in Wollongong City, taking you through the main streets to see the sights before exploring on foot.

For Tours

there are tours to join - from Bike Tours to Canoe Tours and even Guided Tours. You will join with others who can share their knowledge of Wollongong.

Wollongong Harbour

At Wollongong Harbour you can walk up Flagstaff Hill to see the Breakwater Lighthouse which is still in operation, to the canons, to walking down to read about the Coke Ovens that are below the ground. The history of how and why the canons are situated at Flagstaff Hill can be further researched here.

Going for a Drive

For those that love a day trip out n about in the Car there is the Grand Pacific Tourist Drive. Starting from Hurstville you can drive to Nowra. Along the way you will experience the scenery of Heathcote National Park, Thirroul, Wollongong, Port Kembla, Kiama, Gerringong, ending at Nowra.

Port Kembla

Is located 8.3 KM south of Wollongong. It was once a very busy productive coal industry. The town was first discovered in April 1770, during Captain James Cook Voyage. Back in 1890's the Port Kembla Jetty was exporting huge amount of coal and the plan for a deepwater port became important. The expansion meant that two large breakwaters were constructed, and it is what is there today. 

Hill 60

Hill 60 at Port KemblaTo look out at over Port Kembla, Wollongong, to Windang and Shell Harbour you can drive up to Hill 60. Park the car and walk the short distance to Hill 60. Below the lookout are beaches, which the Local Aborigines fished commercially until the late 1940's. 

When you are on Hill 60 you will be able to cast your eyes up and down the coastlines, breathing taking views that are worthy of taking a photo or two. Under the scenic lookout, deep down underis a series of fortifications which were established back at the beginning of WWII. These fortifications were used for large guns, put into place to protect the important industrial Centre of Port Ebola. The concrete bunkers are still to be clearly seen, but no guns will be found there!

Connected to the bunkers are many underground tunnels, which are connected to many other tunnels within the area.


Famous for its "Donuts", is a small town located in the Shoalhaven region, in between Nowra and Kiama. Back in history the town depended on the timber cutting and diary farming. But fast forward to 2013 the Town thrives on Tourism. There are so many stores to explore from the Toy Shop, to the Lolly shop, Organic Cafes, Whole food stores, Pubs, Hotels, Ice-Cream Cafes and more. There will be a store to draw you in and spend hours browsing.

Sea Cliff Bridge

If there is one place that we highly recommend you drive over its Sea Cliff Bridge. It forms part of the Grand Pacific Drive, 60Km's South of Sydney, or 23 kms north of Wollongong. It was opened on December 11, 2005 at a cost of approximate $52 Million!!

The bridge is 665 metres in length and is accessible by Car, Walking and Bike Riding. We have driven over it, parked the car and the walked the entire length. Its a scene out of a dream - looking out at the ocean to see people fishing off the rocks, scuba diving in the water, the big Cargo ships slowly crawling up and down the coastlines and cruise ships pasting bye. 

The Sea Cliff Bridge came about through public demand after a landslide closed off the town from those in the area, and one that now attracts many tourist from all over the world - bringing back the surrounding community cafe's and pubs.

Kiama Blow Hole

Small Kiama Blow HoleAnother spot for you to drive to is Kiama, where you can discover the Small Blow Hole as well as the Large Blow Hole. Both work well on certain conditions, and one will work better than the other.

The Bigger Kiama Blowhole was discovered back in 1797 by George Bass on his voyage of the coast.  But in reality the Blowhole was discovered by the Aboriginals many generations ago and was named by them as "Khanterintee"

The drive from Wollongong to Kiama will take about 36 mins and is approximate 40.8Km's.

Want To Explore More?

There are many more places to explore from Wollongong - driving for day trips, weekends away, tours, train trips, bus trips and more. Wollongong location makes it central for travelers and is a perfect location for those who like to see more of Australia. 

Have you been to Wollongong? Or are you planning a Trip to Wollogong? Would love to hear your experiences and your thoughts on the Best Kept Secret of Australia.

Shellharbour Beach and Playground
Berry New South Wales
Wollongong Flagstaff Hill
Hill 60 at Port Kembla
Seacliff Bridge
One of the Many Beaches in Wollongong
From Hill 60 Lookout.
Wheels are now part of the beach
Lake in Wollongong
Small Kiama Blow Hole
Exploring the Rock Pools
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