7 years

My family went to Tenerife for just one single reason: Orcas. Tenerife is just one of seven Canary Islands, which is under Spanish government. All seven Islands have vulcanite past. We stayed there for six days. We spent every day to explore different part of the island. We've flown there over Dublin where we needed to stay for a night for a plane change.

DAY 1 (Dublin to Santa Cruz )

We've landed at around 10AM, and then we were looking for hotel for about two hours. After we managed to leave our bags in the room we walked around just to be aware where we are now. Near the hotel there were three large outdoor pools. A little bit more far away, in the town, there was a large grocery store and a five storey tall shopping center. I had to admit - town is beautiful.

DAY 2 (Pico del Teide)

We made only one arrangement for an organized trip to a volcano. It is highest peak on the island (3718 m). While climbing up we made a stop somewhere on the half of the volcano height to ride the camels - unforgettable experience. When we made to the volcano it was a fascinating scenery. There were lot of volcano rocks laying all around us in all possible shapes and colors. All in all it was a very nice experience.

DAY 3 (Jungle Park)

This was a day that I was waiting for some time. We went to Jungle Park. There are many exotic animals in the park like white tiger, polar bear and white lion. We were told that there are only 29 white lions on a whole world. We also watched show with predator birds: American eagles and vultures. I must admit they looked huge to me. And then we finally saw so much awaited show with the orcas. It was an amazing experience. We also watched the show with dolphins. It was amazing to me how they train those animals so that they can make so remarkable show.

DAY 4 (Playa de Candelaria )

This day was reserved for swimming in Atlantic ocean. It was fantastic. The waves were enormous. You can drop yourselves into it, wait to be folded or thrown over and run before them. We were quite exhausted when we returned back to hotel, so we went to bed early and then went to a nearby mall. There are lots of products there which cannot be found in my homeland.

DAY 5 (around Pico del Teide )

On a fifth day we decided to drive around the Pico del Teide volcano with the car. The route was: Vilaflor - Arona - Playa de las Americas - San Juan - Tamaimo - El Tanque - Garachico - La Orotava - El Portillo - Parque Nacional de Las Canadas - Vilaflor. It was amazing. There are lot of natural beauties and views that really amazed me. In any restaurant that we were eating, there was lot of nice food to satisfy ma taste. When we returned to hotel we decided to go swimming in the pools.

DAY 6 (Santa Cruz to Dublin)

We left island on this day around 10 AM. We flown back the same way as we came here. First to Dublin, where we had to oversleep for another night and the to Zagreb. We were very sad that everything had ended so soon. At least we have returned with all our pleasant memories from this beautiful trip.

TIP: Don't leave the island before you tried on of the locally produced Donuts!

Playa de Candelaria


Hi petlib,nice work, enjoyed your article very much.B.

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