Advertising with us

Our portal is specialized for high quality personal experience articles about travels with kids around the world. Our authors are paid for their authorship and all articles goes through our editorship prior to publishing. It's impossible that unappropriate content will be available at our site.

There are several possibilities for advertisers:

Origination advertising - displays ads to our members based on their location in the world. It is most suitable to travel agencies that organize trips to distant destination.

Destination advertising - displays ads to site visitors according with the destination they are currently watching. It is most suitable for the attraction owners on the destination.

Sponsored articles - if there is not still article about some destination or attraction on our site, the owners or a board governing that destination can contact us and ask us for writing article about it. We would then find a suitable author that will write an article, and this article would be linked to a ad running on our site.

All prospective customers that would like to advertise with us are kindly invited to contact us.