Trogir - The Unforgetable City

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Trogir is very important city for me and my family, and one day when I'll write a book about my favorites places in the word, this city will be included for sure. Even my husband and I were considering getting married here. So, what is so special here? A lot of things, I'll say :) Every year during summer holidays we go there with our kids and every time we had a great time.

This Croatian city is a small city on Adriatic sea in Dalmatia region, near Split, or to be more precise close to Split Airport. The historic city of Trogir is situated on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo. Its historic center is included in the UNESCO list of Word Heritage Sites. Narrow and stone streets with stone houses makes a special feeling. There you can see a magnificent touch of medieval streets, fortresses and surrounding stone walls and new luxurious yachts.

Trogir's waterfront is favorite walk for all visitors because there you can find a lot of original souvenirs, enjoy some of nice restaurants or just sitting and looking at really expensive and impressive yachts (and maybe dream they are yours :) ). Old town is filled with lot of restaurants and souvenir shops, but you can feel the spirit of old times. Kids are very happy there because they can play pirates and other games in this nice ambient. Every time when we were there a lot of tourist were in town, but it really doesn't spoil anything - it actually complete a full picture. 

You can see few churches and Cathedral from 13th century, the city gate from 17th century and impressive city walls and Fortress Kamerlengo from 15th century.

If you are coming by car from Split direction, follow the signs for the Split Airport, and then continue for a couple of kilometers. If you are coming from A1 motorway, take the Prgomet exit and drive directly toward Trogir. There is lot of parking places, so you can leave your car without stress.

If you visit a Croatian coast you must stop and enjoy Trogir for at last one day.



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