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Mimice is a small ex. fisherman's village near town of Omiš on Croatian coast. While every tourist that goes over the Adriatic National Road (D8) between Omiš and Makarska has to pass through the village, not many of them actually understand what they have missed. The Adriatic National Road separates the village in two parts, one - under the road with the beaches and beautiful stone houses on the sea, and the other one where the actual center of old village was, is over the road in the pretty steep hill. There is also possibility for a brief one-day visit with the old fisherman's boat to the Island of Brač, that stands just in front of the Mimice.

Kutleša BeachWhile this location is not recommended for highly adventurous parents seeking lot of excitement and kids attractions to spend their summer vacations, there is lot of things that can be done here. Our family was blessed with the house that stands just on the beach of one of two bays in Mimice, that really gives you another perspective of the summer holidays.

Mimice consists of two bays - western bay that is called Juto, and eastern bay that is called Kutleša. Mimice is positioned just between two other villages called Medići and Marušići, or in range of ten to twenty kilometers between cities of Omiš and Makarska. The village itself is accessible by the car or by bus from Split (about 1 hour drive), Omiš (about 15 minutes drive) and Makarska (about 25 minutes drive). If you are coming from the A1 motorway, take the exit Šestanovac and drive toward Omiš - in about 15 kilometers you will pass through Mimice.

Most of the tourists here are coming from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Italy. We are usually the only visitors that are actually from Croatia :) Our house is located just on the beach on the eastern bay - the position that can be only dreamed of. This is especially when you are on vacation with kids, where you actually can leave (and forget) your car and stay on the beach for days. It is so easy to have kids change their clothes in the house and the take two or three things to play with and walk ten meters - and you are on the beach. Our house is the only house in the bay that is not rented to tourists.

Our family comes here for last 40 years. Little has changed. There are few more houses now, a little bit more concrete walkways, caffe-bar and that is almost all that you can find here. But, if you are looking for a calm family oriented place to stay - you are on the right spot.

The other bay is more developed, it has more houses and a very small harbor, few more caffe-bars and a restaurant. It has also a small hotel that has been opened recently. From this bay starts our one-day journey toward the Island of Brač.

Brač - Pučišća & Povlja

Fisherman's boat called Jelen (Deer) that now carries tourists on the Island of BračThe fisherman's wooden boat called Jelen (Deer in English) is transformed every summer to the touristic boat offering fish picnics and the tour on the nearby Island of Brač in its two small fisherman places of Pušičća and Povlja. The boat usually goes out at 10:00, and returns around 16:00. It doesn't sail every day, so it is a good idea to walk to the boat day before in the evening hours (19:00 - 21:00) and to check with the captain when the boat is leaving for the next tour. The tour costs 160 Kn (about 20 EUR) for adults, 100 Kn (about 15 EUR) for kids up to 12 years, and smaller kids go for free. The tour includes in the price aperitifs like Rakija (local Schnapps) and Orahovac (liqueur made of Nuts), non-alcoholic beverages, wine, and grilled fish. I believe that it is very reasonable priced for the entire package.

The voyage starts at 10:00 from Mimice and boat departures toward the small city of Pušišća, where is situated well known stone-masonry school. When you arrive there is possibility to buy stone made souvenirs from the very famous white Brač stone - the stone of which is the White House made. My wife instantly found something to buy, a beautiful flower vase made of the stone. It is quite heavy, but that was my problem since I was carrying it for the rest of the day. Of course, kids found something for them too. There is possibility to go to couple of beaches around the city, but we wanted to look around.

PučišćaWe wandered for couple of hours around the city, enjoyed nice espresso at the local bar, took some pictures, and around 12:30 returned to boat for the lunch that was already served. Grilled fish, salad and wine - typical Croatian fish picnic meal. After some time the boat departed toward the other small city of Povlja. It took us around half an hour by the Brač's northern coast to reach the destination. Our kids were all over the boat, sitting in front, watching captain commanding the vessel, and sailor preparing the ropes.

In Povlja there is no much to see, and the best idea would be to go directly to the beach. Another possibility is to climb toward the old 6th century basilica reconstruction. There are few caffe-bars and restaurants, but frankly, after the Pušičća this place looks very miserable with attractions to see. We spent some hour and a half here and continued with the boat back to the Mimice.

All in all it was a nice voyage, reasonably priced and well spent day.

Other nearby destinations

When you stay here in Mimice there is lot of possibility to visit neighboring towns/attractions if you have arrived by car:

Omiš (12 km away) is an ancient town well known for local pirates in the medieval times. It is also the place where river Cetina flows in the Adriatic Sea. It has an old town and a well known fort called Peovica (or Mirabella) - a worth visit. It also holds a Dino Park - the amusement park with the real-sized dinosaurs - a must-see for the kids.

Makarska (24 km away) is a beautiful coast city that really is living for the tourism. There is lot of the restaurants, caffe-bars and other things to choose from. If you wish to go a boat trip to islands of Brač, Hvar or Korčula, there are lot of boats to choose from. Enquire during the evening hours about the next day trips. There is also a small red half-submarine that you can take and wath the undersea world.

Baška voda (16 km away) is a small town where there are nice beaches and walkways, lot of restaurants and caffe-bars - a nice place to spend an evening.

Brela (12 km away) very similar to the Baška voda. Also it hold one of the beautiful beaches around, but it can be crowded.

Split (35 km away) is the largest city in the region. Besides the well known Diocletians Palace, there is lot more to see here. Also, you can catch the ferries, boats and jet-boats to all of the islands in the region, even for some remote ones (Vis, Lastovo). There is much to see, but it can be crowded since there are cruise ships calling the port every day.

Trogir (55 km away) a little bit remote - but a real small treasure. Situated on a small island, you need to cross the bridge from both sides to enter the town. Always occupied by the relatively large private yachts in the small port, lot of tourists, and really large number of restaurants and caffe-bars. Lot to see here. If you with to eat best ice cream around - Đovani (Giovanni in Italian) is the place to go.

All in all, if you wish to visit Adriatic coast - this is the region to go!

Fisherman's boat called Jelen (Deer) that now carries tourists on the Island of Brač
Western bay in Mimice called Juto
Kutleša Beach from above
Kutleša Beach
Mimice from the sea
Waiting for the departure
Typical stone roof
Small captain showing the route
Kids looking thorugh the donkey
Stone donkey in Povlja
Basillica in Povlja
Povlja bay
Seailboats in Povlja
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If you are going to Brac island, Zlatni Rat beach is must see. Should be on everyone's bucket list! It is a difficult place to get to, but worth the trouble. A very unique beach, the point of sand that distinguishes it as a rarity, bends and realigns itself with the winds and the current.

By Steve Donovan (not verified)

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