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Our trip to Canada was or first big family trip. When I say "big" I mean across the ocean where the flight itself lasted for hours, and where we took our 6-year old daughter. We've visited Toronto and its attractions plus we made a short visit to Niagara Falls. We also visited island on Lake Ontario just in front of Toronto from where there is an unique view of Toronto - just like from the postcards. We didn't had much time to spend wondering around since this was combined business/leisure trip.

DAY 1 (Ontario Science Centre)

We've flown to Toronto from Budapest and it took almost eight hours to fly there. It has turned out that such a long lasting flight wasn't causing any troubles to our daughter. She was happily walking through the airplane and smiling to all other passengers. We were very proud that she didn't show any trace of nervousness while we were quite sure that she was very tired.

The rain was our firm companion for the first days of our stay in Toronto. That was the reason why we started our stay by visiting Ontario Science Centre and spent some unforgettable moments there. I heavily recommend visit to this centre with your kid because it is very difficult to count all the attractions that it holds. I was quite delighted by interactive attractions which in amusing and attractive way is getting science, technology and processes closer to the kids but for the adults too. It is very pragmatical and interesting place where several hours seemed to fly away in a second.

DAY 2 (Niagara Falls)

On the second day we've decided to rent a car and to drive to the Niagara Falls. Rain was quite persistent, but it hasn't influenced our excellent mood in the car during the ride. We were fascinated, like probably everyone else, when you see that huge amount of water falling on the falls. You really start to feel an huge respect toward the mother nature. We also tried some handmade fudge that we bought in the visitor centre.

I really would like to come here again, maybe with better weather to be able to walk a little bit longer around the falls, and I would really try to go with the tourist boat toward the falls, which we thought that it is not such a good idea to go this time, a little bit because of weather, and because we thought that it will not be good place to go with a kid. This place also shows some unique view on countries on the both side of the border - USA & Canada, because the Niagara river is natural border between two countries, so this may also be interesting to see.

DAY 3 (Toronto, CN Tower)

On the third day it was sunny at last, and we saw excellent opportunity to visit the CN Tower, one of the landmarks that you cannot miss. It is 553,33 meters high and short drive with the external elevator is not experience for those who do have problems with height. I am one of them and instead to enjoy the ride and view outside I was keeping my eyes almost closed. On the other hand my husband and daughter really enjoyed the ride and the view. One of the tower attractions is a glass floor on the first level. Do I have to mention that I couldn't even take a step on it while our daughter was running and jumping all over it. She was making fun of me when she saw my fear of that glass floor. Then we proceeded to the next level at 447 meters, but that was really too much for me. Yes, the view of the large city and endless lake was enchanting but my fears were too strong. Fortunately my daughter hasn't inherited any of my fears so she and my husband were walking around and enjoying the view. A must see (at least for those without fear of heights :) )!

We continued to walk around the streets of Toronto. We were quite surprised to feel some positive energy all around this large city. We were feeling quite nice here. After some walking we found a small bistro that was selling pancakes with the Nutella and bananas. They were soooooo good. Unfortunately I don't remember name of the place anymore.

DAY 4 (Toronto Islands)

The decision to visit islands on Lake Ontario just in front of Toronto was made on the fly, while we were looking at them from the CN Tower because we saw small airport on one of the islands with runway on both side touching the lake. There are several small islands (Algonquin Island, Muggs Island, Olympic Island, South Island, North Island, Snake Island and Ward Island) all connected with bridges. We took the ferry-boat to the island and spent few hours wondering around. Since we were at the beginning of the season, there was very limited number of visitors and activities. After days of rain here we were very happy to be able to see sunshine and to freely enjoy being outside. It was perfect! One side of the island is facing the Toronto with unforgettable view like on the postcard, and the other side of the islands faces the open water of Lake Ontario with sandy beaches where you can easily be mistaken to be in the half of the ocean, and not nearby the large city. Our daughter enjoyed kids playground and she was happily running all over the island.

DAY 5 (Toronto Zoo)

The decision to visit Toronto Zoo turned out to be a great idea. We really thought that we were just satisfying our daughter wishes by visiting it, but it turned out that the adults were enjoying too, even if not more than the kid. The zoo itself is really large scattered on the large ground, so you sometimes need to walk for minutes to reach the next part of the world, since the zoo is divided by the continents. Every continent hosts the animals that are coming from that part of the world. It was somehow hard to walk around for almost the whole day, but the experience was amazing. I was most impressed by the broadness of the zoo where you don't have feeling that the animals are squeezed to their small cages like in other zoos, but instead they have lot of space to wonder around. Very "kid-friendly" - highly recommended.


DAY 6 (Casa Loma)

This was the last attraction that we've visited before our departure. This beautiful large palace was really impressive. It takes some time to walk around the palace itself because, if I remember well, it has 98 rooms. Like any other woman it first came to my minds the question of large number of servants needed to clean all that rooms. Even more impressive than the palace itself was the park in front of it. It was really easy to get back in time in the golden ages of the palace and gorgeous life in it. To be honest our daughter wasn't really satisfied with this visit as it turned out that it was quite uninteresting for her :)

Our whole visit in Toronto was for remembering. Our daughter was six than, but today, even seven years after that she remembers almost everything from that visit because she was really enjoying it. We didn't made a mistake to take her with us. And another thing is that we has such a good feeling there, the locals were so nice to us and that good mood all over the city is unforgettable and very important to me. We should go once again.

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