Santa Ana de Coro, referred to as Coro, was the first capital of Venezuela, is the oldest city in the west of Venezuela (1527) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Through Gran Colombia's independence from Spain, Fransisco de Miranda won Coro's port, La Vela, the first place to raise Venezuela's tricolor flag. Coro is an unconfirmed indigenous word for 'wind.'. Some of Venezuela's best colonial architecture and cobbled streets are found in Coro, all around the historic town center. Los Medanos are shifting sand dunes rising 30 meters within within walking distance of central Coro. A mini-Sahara, the dunes are the only desert-like area in Venezuela. Do not travel too far into the dunes as you may lose orientation or approached by locals warning you.

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Chiang Rai Day Trips


If you find yourself in the far north of Thailand ignore the guidebooks and come to Chiang Rai province. The writers seemed to find it a slow and tiresome place (we have pages torn from two books in our possession, both ones you’d have heard of) but we are loving it. There is no McDonalds downtown, that’s worth five extra points in our book right there. Besides Wats (a plenty) there aren’t loads of cultural sites, but there is a lot of quiet hearted “real Thailand” going on in this province, and that’s always more interesting than the contrived versions.

Chiang Rai Night Market
Chiang Rai Night Market Music
Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant
Golden Triangle Road Trip
Golden Triangle Road Trip
Golden Buddha at the Golden Triangle
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Bryce Canyon National Park


The southwestern US offers a lot of great desert and canyon scenery, but Bryce Canyon is especially fun for children.  The red rock hoodoos come in  such a variety of shapes that kids cannot resist imagining what they might be or giving them fun names.  The park is small but with plenty of great hiking trails that are farily acessible for even young children  A family can have a grand time just enjoying it all from the overlooks above or get a closer view from down below.

snow in March at Bryce Canyon National Park
hoodoos with a dusting of snow
sunset from the canyon rim
the night sky at the canyon
heading down on the popular Navajo Loop trail
hiking the hoodoos
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Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump: Fun First Nations History


In southern Alberta, just an hour's drive north of the US border is a fantastic history museum called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.  As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a must-see if you are in the area, and is well worth the drive if you are even in the areas of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park or Calgary, Alberta.  

display of buffalo skulls in interpretive center
Napi, the creator god, animation video
inside the interpretive center
tribal dance presentation
walkway to the overlook platform
picture arrangement game in the interpretive center
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Mayan Riviera: One Week Highlights Tour


Imagine the scene: 4:00 a.m. at the Providence, RI, airport. Four adults, six kids, four bags, ten carry-ons one cooler and a partridge in a pear tree. We have to use the group check in desk, too many people. The Mommies are shuffling passports and babies. The Daddies are wrestling bags and trying to keep boys off of the conveyor belt and out of the bag scanning machines. Everyone is excited. It is snowing outside. Finally the bags are checked, the boarding passes are procured and we head for the security check point. Another line, more boy wrestling, Mama’s wishing there had been time for tea before leaving the hotel. Bags on the conveyor belt, shoes off, belts off, we parade through the scanner, past the somber faced guard. Everyone makes it... almost. 

Dolphin Swim- Xel-Ha
Dolphin Swim- Xel-Ha
Scuba Mex Diving-Paa mul
Sunrise- Paa mul
Paa mul- cabanas
Paa mul Beach
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Kingston, Ontario, Canada: Top Picks for Kids


You don’t have to cross the continent to find great travel adventures; sometimes the best ones are right in your own back yard! I grew up (more or less) on Wolfe Island, the largest of the 1000 Islands, in Ontario, Canada. Now it's our favourite place to travel to with our kids. In the summer the population of our little island doubles with the onslaught of vacationers. If you find yourself in Kingston, the mainland town across from Wolfe Island, or in the vicinity, here are five places you definitely want to take your kids!

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Visiting Turks and Caicos with the Family


Turks and Caicos are known for having some of the best beaches in the world, and while that should be enough to entice a visit, there is so much more.  Turks and Caicos are just a short flight from the eastern US and just a tiny little hop from Florida, making them an ‘oh so convenient’ Caribbean destination.  The islands are also fairly new in the tourism industry, so the most beautiful beaches in the world are not overcrowded and you can still find many places in the islands that are completely untouched.   Yes, it really is paradise.

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Exploring the outdoors with kids in Huntsville, AL


Huntsville is made famous by the US Space & Rocket Center. While this is a museum you do not want to miss, Huntsville is a panacea of outdoor adventure and fun for the family. So enjoy the rockets, but don’t stay inside too long. Here are six ways to spend three days drinking in Mother Nature in Huntsville, AL.

Hays Nature Center: Examining a dragonfly
North Alabama Railroad Museum
hays Nature Center trails
Huntsville Botanical Garden: Birds Nest
Huntsville Botanical Garden: reflection pond
Huntsville Botanical Garden: Garden Railway
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Washington DC With Kids


Whether you’re from America, or just visiting America, Washington DC is a must see on your itinerary. There’s nothing quite like visiting the seat of government for the most powerful nation on earth. So many of the things that are “best” about America are well represented in her capitol city. It’s the consummate “family friendly” destination for travelers with kids. Freebies abound in the nation’s capital which help to make it a relatively inexpensive destination for folks on a budget. It is amazingly clean and great care has been given to making the museums and monuments accessible to persons of all abilities, which also equates to stroller friendly! The public transportation system is excellent, the museums are world class and there really is something for everyone. 

Lincoln Monument- National Mall
Capitol Buildings
Museum of Natural History
National Mall
Air & Space Udvar-Hazey Center
Natural History Museum
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A Family-Friendly Weekend in Memphis, TN


There is more to Memphis than Elvis and BBQ!  We recently spent a weekend there with our boys; our days were packed from morning to night with family-friendly fun.

Crystal Shrine Grotto - Feeding ducks
Crystal Shrine Grotto - Pond view
Crystal Shrine Grotto - Bridge play
Crystal Shrine Grotto
Bacon covered maple and chocolate donuts
Fire Museum of Memphis - Outside the building
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