Seal Beach California


Seal Beach is one of our favorite places in Southern California. While that's party true because our kids' great grandparents live there, it's also the beach that just feels like home to us when we visit. Our kids swear up and down that the water is warmer at Seal Beach than any other beach in Southern California, but I'm not entirely convinced that's true.

boy splashing in the waves at seal beach
girl with her boogie board
kids playing in the ocean
girl at the beach
mom and daughter in the pacific ocean
boy in a towel at seal beach california
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Mexico City: Highlights for Families


I was thirteen the first time I set foot in Mexico City. In my memory the city smells like fresh popcorn, tastes like cotton candy and is irrevocably tied to memories of long afternoons spent rowing in the pond in Chapultapec Park and watching the Voladores twist slowly down from the edge of the sky in ancient rituals to ancient gods. Guidebooks might call it dirty, loud, polluted and dangerous, but I call it my favourite city in the world. 

With Voladores
Palacio Gobierno, Courtyard
Ballet Folklorico
Teotihuacan, 2010
Diego Rivera Murals
Diego Rivera Murals
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Exploring all there is to see In Wollongong


Things to do in Wollongong, places to see and spots to explore. There is so much to see and do that you would need at least a year to see it all. If you are limited to time then here are a few of the major attractions that are a must.

Shellharbour Beach and Playground
Berry New South Wales
Wollongong Flagstaff Hill
Hill 60 at Port Kembla
Seacliff Bridge
One of the Many Beaches in Wollongong
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Three Days in Atlanta: The Capital of the South


As the birthplace of Gone with the Wind and the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta is known as the “Capital of the South".  A mix of urban attractions and southern hospitality also makes a great family friendly destination.  Planning three days, or longer, in the city is as easy as (peach) pie.  Here’s how.

The World of Coca-Cola
Tasting Stations at the World Of Coca-Cola
Eagle Ray and Whale Shark at Georgia Aquarium
Touch Tank at the Georgia Aquarium
Omni Hotel at CNN Tower
Stone Mountain Relief Carving
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Five great north Queensland wildlife experiences that kids will love.


My kids LOVE wildlife encounters. As a result whenever we travel I try and incorporate at lease one local wildlife experience into our itinerary. Families visiting tropical North Queensland are spoilt for choice when it comes to wildlife experiences. Here is a list of five wildlife experiences our own family has enjoyed in the beautiful tropical north.

Viewing the Great Barrier Reef
Investigating the creatures of the Great Barrier reef in a touch tank.
Butterflies at the Australian butterfly sanctuary Kuranda
A baby crocodile on the shores of the Daintree River
Birdworld Kuranda
Birdworld Kuranda
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Road Tripping Borneo: How To


When you think of ultimate road trip destinations, chances are Borneo isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But if you want to take a road trip that is off the beaten path, full of adventure and education, and guaranteed to be one that none of your friends did over their last summer vacation, taking the long, slow road from Kuching to Sandakan is the adventure of a lifetime.

Kuching- Annah Rais Longhouse
Breakdown on road to Bintulu
Traffic jam, Sandakan
Wilds of Borneo
Orchid at Agnes Keith House, Sandakan
Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, Sandakan
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Visiting the Stockyards in Fort Worth, TX


Maybe the days of the Wild West are long gone, but there is still a place where you can still catch the spirit of rambling plains and rugged cowboys.   The Historic Stockyards were established in 1876 with the arrival of the railroad in Fort Worth, and by 1907 over 1 million cattle were sold here every year. Today, the Stockyards are the only remaining stockyard in the country and are a great place for family fun.

Fort Worth Stockyards
Fort Worth Stockyards
Longhorn at the Fort Worth Stockyards
Cattle Drive Fort Worth Stockyards
Cattlepen Maze
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9 Reasons Why this is the Best Time to Travel to Asia (especially with kids)


The number of travels my children and I have spent coming and going to Asia attests how this destination captivated our fascination. My family just can’t get enough of Asia and our quest for Asian adventure has been insatiable. My children and I shared sheer joy to embark on trips to Asia - mainly India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. Certainly, the list will go on.

Even the tent at some small village in the mountains of india looks great..
Amazing  view in Spiti india
Historic site in North India
At Vashisht, small village in India
Food selller
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Inexpensive Activities to Explore Nepal


Nepal opens its arms wide open to tourists seeking activities in the extreme department. It sports bungee jumping, canyoning, rafting, kayaking and paragliding. The reunion with nature has numerous possibilities to push oneself to the limit in Nepal. The most famous places frequented by tourists are Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini. However, these adrenalin pumping activities may spell some serious cash, let alone the safety concerns for very young children.

At a village home in Saranghat on the Seti river bank
At Astam village
Food preparation at a village home in Saranghat
Us at the Tibetan Temple
The monks and my son
Tibetan Children
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Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center


The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is located in Woodland Park, Colorado, about 30 minutes North of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They're open year round with the exception of a few holidays and it does cost to get into the museum. Admission prices are on their website.

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
tyrannosaurus rex skeleton
dad getting attacked by toy dinosaurs
daddy daughter looking at museum exhibit
baby playing with a stuffed dinosaur
kids attacking their sister with toy dinosaurs
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