Considered one of the most beautiful towns in the World by many people - Dubrovnik (Ragusa in Latin and Italian) is situated on the eastern shore of Adriatic Sea. The locals usually call it only "The Town" (or Grad in Croatian) and everyone in Croatia knows about which city you are talking about. The most pleasant time for visit is late spring, autumn, but the mild winters can be beautiful too if the weather is nice. During the summer it's too crowded for my taste.

A view from above
Bambus forest in Arboretum
Arboretum Trsteno
Small harbour bellow Arboretum
Old Harbour of Dubrovnik
Lokrum Island: Peacocks wondering around
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Useful London Tips


I would like to share with you some practical tips about moving around the London. In general we could say that the London is very well organized town and that moving around it despite its size is not a huge issue. Here are some tips where we tried to write down some tips that you might find useful while staying in London:

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Our trip to Canada was or first big family trip. When I say "big" I mean across the ocean where the flight itself lasted for hours, and where we took our 6-year old daughter. We've visited Toronto and its attractions plus we made a short visit to Niagara Falls. We also visited island on Lake Ontario just in front of Toronto from where there is an unique view of Toronto - just like from the postcards. We didn't had much time to spend wondering around since this was combined business/leisure trip.

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My family went to Tenerife for just one single reason: Orcas. Tenerife is just one of seven Canary Islands, which is under Spanish government. All seven Islands have vulcanite past. We stayed there for six days. We spent every day to explore different part of the island. We've flown there over Dublin where we needed to stay for a night for a plane change.

Playa de Candelaria
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London in Autumn 2012


London. Yes, that beautiful huge city. We came back again to enjoy its elegance and diversities. From our last visit it passed almost ten years. Our delight hasn't vanished after all that time, so we decided to take our oldest child with us (13Y). After we made final decision and bought plane tickets, some of our friends expressed  interest to go with us on this 3-day trip. In the end we were in seven with another 13Y old child. This was the largest group that we ever traveled in our own arrangement. Based on our previous travels we decided not to take smaller kids with us because of all-day walking, eating junk food, and enormous crowd in the tube.

Tower Bridge
London Aquarium
London Aquarim
Inside the Tube
London Eye Capsule
The House of Parliament from London Eye
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What is the best time for first travel of your kids?


Personally, I believe that there is no answer to that question? Every parent should know or feel when his little sunshine is ready for traveling around the world.

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Travel with kids - penalty or fun?


My husband and I always loved traveling. Whenever we find few days for us, and save few pennies we invest them in research of new places. Very often other members of our family like to argue that we are spending money on crazy things. But, they don't understand that our travels are investments in ourselves and our marriage, and that we always return richer of new experiences and happiness. Personally I feel that my views of the world are hugely expanded since we had opportunity to travel around the world, meet other cultures, their customs and that we both wont to continue enjoy all of that.

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Summer visit to Gerlos in Austrian Alps


In 2009 we spent five days in beautiful village of Gerlos in Austrian Alps, which is very close to the Krimml Wasserfall (waterfall) one of the most beautiful natural wonders. This was the first time that we wanted to spend summer vacation in mountains. Until then, seaside was our regular decision. Decision was made due to my memories as a child spending few days on same location with my uncle, and I never forgot it. Other members of my family were happy to explore new destinations.

Morning in Gerlos
Gerlos Lake
Friendly cows walking around
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Ring of Kerry


Our family traveled to Ireland in June 2010 for third time, but for the first time just us and all kids. We were in five, with three children (11Y, 2Y and 2M). Our second daughter had just two months, but we still decided to go. From our previous voyages with our kids, we knew that with little extra organization everything will be fine even with so young child. We were right. We've spent five beautiful days wondering around beautiful Ring of Kerry, with short visit to Cliffs of Moher.

Ross Castle
Lough Leane
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