Toscana (Tuscany) and Roma (Rome)


Our first destination for the spring school break was Česky Krumlov in Czech Republic, but the terrible weather condition forced us to change destination in the last minute. Looking around where we can easily arrive with car within 5-6 hours drive, and that the weather is acceptable, it turned out that the nice places on the Tirrenian sea (North-West Italy) is the best solution. In the end, its better to avoid snow and icy weather with little kids (unless you are going for skiing) and to go where the weather is much prettier. We decided to go to the Tuscany mainly to visit Cinqueterre and Florence. But the weather has mind of its own, so we had to adapt ...

Riviera Residence, Marina di Pietrasanta
Beach, Marina di Pietrasanta
Small Venice, Livorno
New Forth, Livorno
Terazza Mascagni, Livorno
Spanish Steps, Rome
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