Discovering Sottomarina and Chioggia with my Kids


Sottomarina is a picturesque and relatively quiet coastal city, which is located just below Venice, about an hour's drive away. Its beaches, in season, populate many tourists (mostly Italian tourists) and therefore are very organized and include restaurants, clubs, volleyball and soccer courts, and often even playgrounds.

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Toscana (Tuscany) and Roma (Rome)


Our first destination for the spring school break was Česky Krumlov in Czech Republic, but the terrible weather condition forced us to change destination in the last minute. Looking around where we can easily arrive with car within 5-6 hours drive, and that the weather is acceptable, it turned out that the nice places on the Tirrenian sea (North-West Italy) is the best solution. In the end, its better to avoid snow and icy weather with little kids (unless you are going for skiing) and to go where the weather is much prettier. We decided to go to the Tuscany mainly to visit Cinqueterre and Florence. But the weather has mind of its own, so we had to adapt ...

Riviera Residence, Marina di Pietrasanta
Beach, Marina di Pietrasanta
Small Venice, Livorno
New Forth, Livorno
Terazza Mascagni, Livorno
Spanish Steps, Rome
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France, Monaco and Italy in winter time


It's so common that people during winter go skiing, but we made another decision and departed for sunnier places. Our final destination on this voyage was in Cannes, France, since my husband had some business obligations there, so we decided to go together and visit Verona and Pisa in Italy during the outbound and inbound trip with our car. It was first longer voyage that we made with our 8-months old son, and our 10-years old daughter traveled around the world already. For all of us, except my husband, it was a first voyage to this cities in Italy and first time ever visit to France.

Julias Balcony, Verona
Anfiteatro di Verona
Swimmers in February, Cannes
Sand Art, Cannes
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Italy is very nice country and we have visited it a lot of times. Lago di Garda is our favorite lakes in northern Italy. Every time we come we discover new places around the lake, and enjoy countryside around it. In one article it isn’t possible to describe all experiences, so I decided to deal with just one of our great experiences in Gardaland, the magic word for kids and adults. We came by car and had accommodation in Malcesine. This locality isn't so close to Gardaland (around 50km), but it doesn't matter because we wanted to take a tour around the lake, and see a lot of locations on the lake shore.

The castle in Malcesine
Monte Baldo
Monte Baldo
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