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Go Climb a Rock in Joshua Tree National Park


Rock climbing is not a sport most people associate with children, but have you ever met a kid who did not enjoy scrambling to the top of a boulder or cliff to take in the view or simply feel great about being up so high?  Joshua Tree National Park in southern California is a fantastic place for your kids to get a real desert high.

A classic Joshua Tree
one of the best rocks for climbers
a family portrait on a natural bridge
coming down from a 100 foot route
our daughter, working her way up the wall
family portrait after conquering the boulder maze
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Colorado Springs


We visited Colorado Springs, Colorado for a couple days on a road trip when our kids were younger. It's still one of our very favorite places we've ever traveled! While we were there, we visited Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

dad and kids at garden of the gods
garden of the gods
seven falls waterfall
garden of the gods
giraffe feeding station at cheyenne mountain zoo
garden of the gods
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