Uluru: Ayer’s Rock Adventures


One single piece of sandstone, formed millennia ago from sediments laid down when central Australia was part of the great inland sea. Pressed, and pressed, and pressed; then, with a shift in the earth’s crust, tipped on her side and thrust upward until her nose peeked out of the soil, a giant tunneling mole just breaking the surface, extending 6.5 km below the surface. Uluru. Ayer’s Rock.

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Western Australia Road Trip


The number one out of Perth headed south looks a lot like the wilds of Arizona, and occasionally like the north loop around Chicago, with the highway divided around the commuter rail down the center. Of course the gum trees and the left hand drive separate the experience from the midwestern states, as does the fresh hibiscus laying on the dashboard. Yellow sandy soil dotted with bleached barked scrub and foliage in every shade of dusty green line the highway with buildings thinning out the further we move from the city. Perth is the most isolated city on the planet. It’s closer to Jakarta, Indonesia than it is to it’s own capital city of Canberra. It’s a little island of civilization on the extreme west of Australia.

Western Australia Road Trip
Boranup Campsite
Green's Pool
Coastal Western Australia
Hamelin Bay Rays
Beach Art
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Sydney, Australia: Culture & Adventure for families


Sydney, Australia, is one of those cities that captivates her visitors and begs them to stay longer, explore further, do more, and fall in love. We knew that four days would only be enough to scratch the surface; nonetheless, we jumped in with both feet and made the most of every moment. If you’re strategic about your planning and you stay in a central location, you’ll be amazed at how much you can pack into your days.

BridgeClimb Sydney
Bondi-Coogee Beach walk
Bondi Beach
Bondi-Coogee Beach Walk
Dinner in The Rocks: Ezra eats kangaroo!
Holiday Inn Old Sydney Room detail
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