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Go Climb a Rock in Joshua Tree National Park


Rock climbing is not a sport most people associate with children, but have you ever met a kid who did not enjoy scrambling to the top of a boulder or cliff to take in the view or simply feel great about being up so high?  Joshua Tree National Park in southern California is a fantastic place for your kids to get a real desert high.

A classic Joshua Tree
one of the best rocks for climbers
a family portrait on a natural bridge
coming down from a 100 foot route
our daughter, working her way up the wall
family portrait after conquering the boulder maze
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Crystal Cove State Park Beach


During our recent California trip, we visited Crystal Cove State Park Beach. It's located on the coast between Corona del Mar and Crescent Bay. Parking is available for $15 for an all-day pass. We picked a parking area at random and the started the descent down the trail. We underestimated how long the walk would be from the parking area down to the shore. It took us a good twenty minutes to trek from the car down the steep path all the way to the beach area. The beach was gorgeous, but I don’t recommend it if you have little bitty kids with you or lots of stuff to carry. We ended up at the El Moro Beach area.

kids walking down the path to crystal cove
kids walking to crystal cove beach
kids splashing in the ocean
kids exploring tide pools
girl at the beach
kids exploring tide pools at crystal cove state park beach
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Disney's California Adventure


Going to Disneyland is every kid's dream. Disney has two parks in Southern California, located right next to each other. One is Disneyland and the other is Disney California Adventure Park. Single day park tickets are $92 for adults and $86 for kids. If you purchase the park hopper tickets ($137 for adults and $131 for kids), you are able to visit both parks on the same day. Multiple day passes are also available and the per-day price decreases dramatically the more days you add to your ticket. 

kids with Mater's tractor
family riding Mickey's Fun Wheel
mom and daughter on Mickey's Fun Wheel Disney California Adventure
girl at California Adventure
boy riding Silly Symphony Swings at Disneyland
Mickey's Fun Wheel
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Crescent Bay Beach


We were very fortunate on our most recent trip to Southern California to be able to visit several different beaches in the area and each one of them was very unique. One particular Sunday, we met some friends at Crescent Bay Beach for a picnic dinner. Crescent Bay is considered part of Laguna Beach and is located just South of Crystal Cove State Park, accessible directly from the Pacific Coast Highway.

girls playing in the pacific ocean
family splashing in the waves at crescent bay beach
girl at the beach
boy in the ocean at crescent bay beach
mom and daughter sitting on the beach
kids sitting on the beach with their mom
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Corona del Mar


Corona del Mar is one of my favorite beaches. It’s kind of like a little cove and is surrounded by cliffs on both sides. The cliffs block most of the wind, so it feels so much warmer down there. Corona del Mar is considered to be part of Newport Beach, but it's on the South side, just North of Laguna Beach.

palm trees at corona del mar
boy searching tidepools
daddy and daughter playing in the pacific ocean
kid looking at sea life in corona del mar tidepools
girl looking at sea anemone
kids walking on tidepools
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Seal Beach California


Seal Beach is one of our favorite places in Southern California. While that's party true because our kids' great grandparents live there, it's also the beach that just feels like home to us when we visit. Our kids swear up and down that the water is warmer at Seal Beach than any other beach in Southern California, but I'm not entirely convinced that's true.

boy splashing in the waves at seal beach
girl with her boogie board
kids playing in the ocean
girl at the beach
mom and daughter in the pacific ocean
boy in a towel at seal beach california
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