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High Peak Station: New Zealand's Best Kept Secret


We spent a full six months in New Zealand. During that time we made loops around both islands and had a lot of adventures, from visiting glaciers, to climbing mountains, to cycling, fishing, hunting for gemstones, finding wild penguins, and so many other things. There are adventures for everyone and we’d love to have another six months some other year. Without question, the best place we went, and the best adventure we had in New Zealand was at High Peak Station. On a whim, my Uncle Dick flew over and we spent six days hiking, hunting and having adventures in the highlands around Mt. Hutt. 

Chalet, High Peak Station
The Hut, High Peak Station
Red Stag, High Peak Station
The Hut, High Peak Station
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Cycling the Otago Central Rail Trail, South Island, New Zealand


We’ve been in New Zealand for about three months now, and we’ve done some cool things, but I have to say that riding the Otago Central Rail Trail was the best thing we’ve done thus far. We’ve got a bit of a history with bicycles, having spent a year, 2008-2009, cycling Europe and N. Africa slowly, so we were excited about the opportunity to ride New Zealand’s original and most famous bikeway. 

Hayes Engineering Works
Otago Central Rail Trail
End of the trail
Omakau Bed Post Accommodations
Kids on the trail
Cycling the trail
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