A Cultural Tour of New York City


Just back from a month-long trip to Peru, my daughter and I were looking to do a few fun and exciting weeks in New York City before the schoolyear began. A huge, global city, New York is home to hundreds of different cuisines, and has neighborhoods upon neighborhoods that house various cultures and ethnic groups. We were yearning to explore different tastes and ideas, and therefore, the day after we returned, we went to Chinatown to take a look around, and I spent a day on a food tour, and then the two of us visited all sorts of museums and destinations in Manhattan for the next few days. 

Hot chocolate at Vosges
Rose entrance at the American Museum of Natural History
Metropolitan Museum of Art
In the Egypt area of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Central Park
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Exploring the 19th Century Wonders of Prospect Heights and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York


When most families visit New York, they make a beeline for Manhattan. While Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Central Park should definitely be on a visitor’s travel itinerary, Brooklyn, known as Manhattan’s “Big Sister,” has countless notable and important destinations and is, I think, well worth exploring. As the biggest of five New York City boroughs, however, one might wonder where to begin! I believe that the area around Prospect Park, developed in the 19th century around the time of the Civil War, is particularly steeped in history, and boasts a museum, public museum and natural spaces on par with any found in Manhattan. I visit this area regularly with my daughter and friends on both sunny and rainy days, and am never left wanting. Prospect Heights and the bordering Prospect Park delight young and old family members alike while allowing teens to boast to their friends back home, “I went to Brooklyn!”

Sea lion at Prospect Zoo
My daughter and a friend at Prospect Park
Big Field in Prospect Park
Cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Prospect Heights
We made a new friend in Prospect Heights!
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