Vienna With Kids


All of Vienna had turned out to welcome us; or so it seemed. The idyllic ride into the city along the Danube cycle-way was packed with people: sunbathers, kids with kites, and mile after mile of festival lining the river. I’ve heard that in Vienna the people waltz through life... when we arrived they were not waltzing. The whole city pulsed with the techno-heartbeat that we’ve come to associate as the theme song of Eastern Europe. (I know, Austria is technically Western Europe... but just barely!) Gabe put it nicely when he rolled up a hill past me and grinned: “Mom! Wherever we go, that’s where the party’s at!” He was quoting a song the boys like. True enough.

Schonnbrunn Palace
Schonnbrunn Palace Playground
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Summer visit to Gerlos in Austrian Alps


In 2009 we spent five days in beautiful village of Gerlos in Austrian Alps, which is very close to the Krimml Wasserfall (waterfall) one of the most beautiful natural wonders. This was the first time that we wanted to spend summer vacation in mountains. Until then, seaside was our regular decision. Decision was made due to my memories as a child spending few days on same location with my uncle, and I never forgot it. Other members of my family were happy to explore new destinations.

Morning in Gerlos
Gerlos Lake
Friendly cows walking around
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