The Enchanted Highway in North Dakota


On our summer road trip, we drove through North Dakota. We really wanted to do something awesome in North Dakota, so we would feel justified in crossing it off our list. As it turnsout, there really isn't much to do in North Dakota. Seriously. I kept searching and finally ran across something called the Enchanted Highway. The Enchanted Highway is a collection of sculptures created from scrap metal. They are some of the world's largest scultpures.

geese in flight enchanted highway
kids exploring the geese in flight scrap metal sculpture in North Dakota
kids playing at Deer Crossing
Deer Crossing sculpture Enchanted Highway
things to do in North Dakota explore the Enchanted Highway
North Dakota scenery
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Chutes & Ladders Park


We visited Minneapolis this past summer and discovered the coolest playground we've ever visited!! Some local friends recommended the Hyland Park Play Area (or as the locals call it, Chutes & Ladders). I googled it and knew immediately that we'd have to spend some time there!

kids climbing at the Hyland Park Play Area
spray park in Minneapolis
the coolest playground in all of America
family trip to the park Chutes & Ladders play area in Bloomington Minnesota
kids climbing the ropes at the playground
girl at the playground Hyland Park Area
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Tips for visiting Disney with kids


A visit to Disney World is one of those iconic childhood milestone journeys. I don’t know very many families who don’t dream about that first visit, and I know more than a few who go every year through that “magical” stage of childhood. Who can blame them? Disney does it right, on every level! I’ve been to Disney World more times than I can count over the years, as a child and later as a parent. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade and we’ve made some fantastic family memories with the people who matter most. Here are my five tips for getting the most out of your Disney World holiday.

Disney resort
Disney World
Disney World
Disney World
Disney World
Disney World
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Macon, Ga with kids


The small southern town of Macon is only a few hours from Atlanta’s hustle and bustle. It can make a relaxing escape for a long weekend, with plenty to see and do. We visited three exciting Macon attraction that both adults and kids will both enjoy, and a family-friendly hotel to call home base. We have visited places like: Dauset Trails, Ocmulgee National Monument, Candlewood Suites Macon, and Museum of Art and Sciences in Macon.

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Madison, Wisconsin


We visited the Ohlbrich Botanical Gardens in the morning. We toured the Bolz Conservatory first and the kids really enjoyed it. There were tons of beautiful trees, flowers, and plants to look at. There were some canaries and quails running around and there were giant koi swimming in the little ponds. Once we finished checking out the indoor gardens, we headed outside. It was SO hot that day! We toured most of the garden and then happened upon the Rose Garden, which had a giant fountain in it. We were melting hot, so we let the kids get their feet wet. That turned into an epic water fight and before we knew it, we were all drenched. But at least we were cooled off and happy!

kids visiting Bolz conservatory
Bolz Conservatory at Ohlbrich Gardens
boy visiting the botanical gardens
girl looking at pretty flowers at the garden in Madison
outdoor gardens at Ohlbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison Wisconsin
Thai Garden at Ohlbrich Gardens
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Tennessee Aquarium and Other Chattanooga Water Adventures


My two young boys and I packed the car and headed two hours north of Atlanta, GA to Chattanooga, TN.  This small Tennessee town is non-stop kid action, from the aquarium to the zoo! Our mission on this particular visit was water-based.  We visited the Tennessee Aquarium and watched a shark-themed IMAX movie.  We stayed at the city’s only 4-diamond hotel, which includes a gem of a pool, and then visited Coolidge Park, complete with water fountain fun and a carousel. Finally, we ended our trip with a walk over the Tennessee River on the world’s longest pedestrian bridge.

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Indianapolis With Kids


We are lucky enough to have Grandparents who live in Indianapolis, and two of our children were born there. It’s a place we return to at least once a year to catch up with family. It’s also one of those “hidden gems” in the midwest. Indiana isn’t usually on any tourist itinerary for the USA, but it’s a fantastic place to see the “real America.” It’s also home to some really fantastic activities for kids that shouldn’t be missed!

Racing museum
Jan's Village Pizza
Connor Prairie
Indy Speedway Hall of Fame
Indy Speedway Hall of Fame with friends
Race Cars
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Wildlife Art in Wyoming: Not Your Average Museum


Just outside the city of Jackson, Wyoming, not far from Grand Teton National Park lies a museum you might be tempted to pass up for fear it would not be a kid-firendly experience.  But we can assure you the National Museum of Wildlife Art is a worthwile stop for families. 

raven painting realism
moose sculpture
putting on a play in the Discovery Gallery
kids can create their own wildlife art!
the Sculpture Trail
dress up theatre in the Children's Gallery
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Exploring the 19th Century Wonders of Prospect Heights and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York


When most families visit New York, they make a beeline for Manhattan. While Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Central Park should definitely be on a visitor’s travel itinerary, Brooklyn, known as Manhattan’s “Big Sister,” has countless notable and important destinations and is, I think, well worth exploring. As the biggest of five New York City boroughs, however, one might wonder where to begin! I believe that the area around Prospect Park, developed in the 19th century around the time of the Civil War, is particularly steeped in history, and boasts a museum, public museum and natural spaces on par with any found in Manhattan. I visit this area regularly with my daughter and friends on both sunny and rainy days, and am never left wanting. Prospect Heights and the bordering Prospect Park delight young and old family members alike while allowing teens to boast to their friends back home, “I went to Brooklyn!”

Sea lion at Prospect Zoo
My daughter and a friend at Prospect Park
Big Field in Prospect Park
Cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Prospect Heights
We made a new friend in Prospect Heights!
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The Grand Canyon: a Grand Experience for the Family


The Grand Canyon is one of those places everyone should see in their lifetime.  When we first visited, our children were too young to hike to the bottom so we planned a return trip this spring with a two-night stay at the Bright Angel Campground at the bottom of the canyon. While the distance may seem overwhelming to a family, we found that good planning and allowing plenty of time made for an experience our kids will never forget. 

the Bright Angel trailhead
along the trail to the bottom
about halfway down and everyone is still having fun!
lunch at our campsite in Bright Angel
photographing plants along the river
a view from the Colorado River, at the canyon floor
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