Bryce Canyon National Park


The southwestern US offers a lot of great desert and canyon scenery, but Bryce Canyon is especially fun for children.  The red rock hoodoos come in  such a variety of shapes that kids cannot resist imagining what they might be or giving them fun names.  The park is small but with plenty of great hiking trails that are farily acessible for even young children  A family can have a grand time just enjoying it all from the overlooks above or get a closer view from down below.

snow in March at Bryce Canyon National Park
hoodoos with a dusting of snow
sunset from the canyon rim
the night sky at the canyon
heading down on the popular Navajo Loop trail
hiking the hoodoos
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Exploring the outdoors with kids in Huntsville, AL


Huntsville is made famous by the US Space & Rocket Center. While this is a museum you do not want to miss, Huntsville is a panacea of outdoor adventure and fun for the family. So enjoy the rockets, but don’t stay inside too long. Here are six ways to spend three days drinking in Mother Nature in Huntsville, AL.

Hays Nature Center: Examining a dragonfly
North Alabama Railroad Museum
hays Nature Center trails
Huntsville Botanical Garden: Birds Nest
Huntsville Botanical Garden: reflection pond
Huntsville Botanical Garden: Garden Railway
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Washington DC With Kids


Whether you’re from America, or just visiting America, Washington DC is a must see on your itinerary. There’s nothing quite like visiting the seat of government for the most powerful nation on earth. So many of the things that are “best” about America are well represented in her capitol city. It’s the consummate “family friendly” destination for travelers with kids. Freebies abound in the nation’s capital which help to make it a relatively inexpensive destination for folks on a budget. It is amazingly clean and great care has been given to making the museums and monuments accessible to persons of all abilities, which also equates to stroller friendly! The public transportation system is excellent, the museums are world class and there really is something for everyone. 

Lincoln Monument- National Mall
Capitol Buildings
Museum of Natural History
National Mall
Air & Space Udvar-Hazey Center
Natural History Museum
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A Family-Friendly Weekend in Memphis, TN


There is more to Memphis than Elvis and BBQ!  We recently spent a weekend there with our boys; our days were packed from morning to night with family-friendly fun.

Crystal Shrine Grotto - Feeding ducks
Crystal Shrine Grotto - Pond view
Crystal Shrine Grotto - Bridge play
Crystal Shrine Grotto
Bacon covered maple and chocolate donuts
Fire Museum of Memphis - Outside the building
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Ella's Deli


Ella's Deli is a quirky little diner located in Madison, Wisconsin. We found out about it from some friends who live in Madison. It's located at 2902 East Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53704 and is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm (11 pm on the weekends). Ella's menu is extensive, including everything from cabbage soup to cheesy fries, deli sandwiches to hamburgers. They even serve breakfast... and the menu is literally 20 pages long. After reading a few reviews on Trip Advisor, we decided to pass on eating a meal there. Instead, we grabbed sandwiches from Potbelly before we headed over.

spiderman animated figurine at Ella's Deli
cool display at Ella's Deli in Madison, Wisconsin
girl watching clowns in a display
animated circus display at Ella's Deli
amazing ice cream from Ella's Deli
harry potter figurine
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Crystal Lake Cave


On a recent road trip, we were driving from Des Moines, Iowa to Madison, WI. We were tired of being cooped up in the car, so I checked out my Roadside America iPhone app. After looking for a few minutes, I came across the Crystal Lake Cave in Dubuque and we decided to make a stop.When we pulled up at the cave, I was sure that we had made a poor choice. There was a tiny little white building on the property and a nice shade tree. But we went inside anyhow, paid our admission, and browsed around the tiny gift shop for 15 minutes until our tour started.

girl wearing mining light hat
kids touring Crystal Lake Cave
stalactites in cave in Iowa
family trip to Crystal Lake Cave
things to do in Dubuque Iowa
kids mining for rocks at Crystal Lake Cave in Dubuque Iowa
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Visiting Amarillo, TX with Kids


Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, and is known for wide flat plains, and dry, dusty weather.  Although, the environment is not the most welcoming, the city has been at the crossroads of the country from the beginning of its history.  Even before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, Spanish conquistadors were traveling through Amarillo in search of gold.  Later in history, the famous Route 66 ran through the city, bringing with it traffic headed west.  Roadtrippers still travel through Amarillo, where they can stop and see some of the history and landscape of Texas.

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Pappajohn Scultpure Park - Des Moines Iowa


We visited the Pappajohn Sculpture Park after reading about it on our Roadside America iPhone app. The park is located at Western Gate Park at 13th and Grand. Metered parking is available along Grand Avenue. The park covers two square blocks and is open green space full of art sculptures.

pappajohn sculpture park
T8 sculpture Des Moines Iowa
girl walking along wall at Des Moines sculpture park
boy reading the map at Pappajohn Sculpture Park
mommy and daughter snuggling in the shade at the sculpture park
scultpures in downtown Des Moines
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Des Moines Art Center


The Des Moines Art Center is located at 4700 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA. Parking is readily available and free in the adjacent lot. Be forewarned that they will not allow you to bring a backpack (even a small one) inside the museum at all. Also, no photography or videography is allowed inside the museum, which is unfortunate because the building itself is absolutely beautiful!

family trip to the des moines art center
kids playing at des moines art center
family visit to des moines iowa
family pyramid copycat artwork at des moines art center
kids playing in courtyard
family summer road trip to des moines iowa
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Three Days in The Golden Isles of Georgia


The Golden Isles is a group of islands along a 100-mile stretch of the Georgia shoreline.  This southern jewel works for families looking to relax on the beach, soak up the sun, and let the ocean waves lap away any worries.  However, if yours is a family looking to drink in the history of the islands, see the sights, and truly experience their vacation, The Golden Isles will not disappoint.  While adventures here can easily fill an entire week, we’ve highlighted our favorites in a three-day itinerary below.

St Simons Island Beach
Having a Manhattan at Brogen's
Jekyll Island Beach
Exploring Rockefeller's Home
Rockefeller's Electric Car
'Passport to the century' Tram Tour
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