Merida, Mexico: The White City


Welcome to Merida, the White City. Merida is an excellent example of the combination of modern Mexico and the history of a beautiful colonial city. Francisco de Montejo founded Merida in 1542. When the Spaniards arrived here this was a thriving Mayan metropolis called Tho. After they conquered the city they totally dismantled all of the buildings and pyramids and used the stones as the foundations for the Cathedral of San Idelfonso. This is the oldest Cathedral on the American continent and was built in 1556. 

Murals: Palacio de Gobierno
Murals: Palacio de Gobierno
Mercado: Fish
Mercado: Head
Zocalo: Night Party
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Mayan Riviera: One Week Highlights Tour


Imagine the scene: 4:00 a.m. at the Providence, RI, airport. Four adults, six kids, four bags, ten carry-ons one cooler and a partridge in a pear tree. We have to use the group check in desk, too many people. The Mommies are shuffling passports and babies. The Daddies are wrestling bags and trying to keep boys off of the conveyor belt and out of the bag scanning machines. Everyone is excited. It is snowing outside. Finally the bags are checked, the boarding passes are procured and we head for the security check point. Another line, more boy wrestling, Mama’s wishing there had been time for tea before leaving the hotel. Bags on the conveyor belt, shoes off, belts off, we parade through the scanner, past the somber faced guard. Everyone makes it... almost. 

Dolphin Swim- Xel-Ha
Dolphin Swim- Xel-Ha
Scuba Mex Diving-Paa mul
Sunrise- Paa mul
Paa mul- cabanas
Paa mul Beach
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Mexico City: Highlights for Families


I was thirteen the first time I set foot in Mexico City. In my memory the city smells like fresh popcorn, tastes like cotton candy and is irrevocably tied to memories of long afternoons spent rowing in the pond in Chapultapec Park and watching the Voladores twist slowly down from the edge of the sky in ancient rituals to ancient gods. Guidebooks might call it dirty, loud, polluted and dangerous, but I call it my favourite city in the world. 

With Voladores
Palacio Gobierno, Courtyard
Ballet Folklorico
Teotihuacan, 2010
Diego Rivera Murals
Diego Rivera Murals
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Kukulcan Pyramid


Kukulkan ("Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent") is the name of a Maya snake deity that also serves to designate historical persons. The depiction of the feathered serpent deity is present in other cultures of Mesoamerica. Kukulkan is closely related to the god Q'uq'umatz of the K'iche' Maya and to Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs. Little is known of the mythology of this pre-Columbian deity.<--break->

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