Two days in Dijon


The weather in Dijon in February is chilly.  I know, I know, we shouldn’t complain when we’ve not seen a single flake of snow in nearly a year and we were swimming in early December... but we’re cold.  Maybe it is just that we got thoroughly chilled as we left Marseille, standing the the frosty pre-dawn darkness for over an hour waiting for a train we thought would never come. 

Dijon mustards
Dijon market
Dijon market
Dijon museum
Dijon museum
Dijon museum
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Highlights of a Ten-Day Walking Tour in Paris, France


Although Paris is known for its clean and efficient underground Metro service, I wanted to really get a sense of the city by walking through its streets with my daughter. I planned to visit destinations mainly along the Seine River, as I knew it would take no more than an hour to reach any of the sites on our itinerary (except for Sacred Coeur and Chez Gladines, which, being relatively far away from the river, were the only places on which we relied on the Metro to reach). Starting in the morning and often not stopping until the evening, we strolled through the city as the flaneurs in the 19th century once did, allowing ourselves to get lost on a regular basis, stopping to ask for directions from strangers, and just generally getting to know Paris in a more intimate way than if we had relied on taxis and the Metro. While we visited -quite literally- hundreds of cafes, restaurants, shops, street sellers, monuments and museums, below I've listed only our top thirteen favorite culinary, cultural, and educational highlights of our trip. 

Notre Dame Cathedral
Visiting the Louvre
Checking out the locks on a bridge over the Seine
View from the Eiffel Tower
Children playing in Tuileries Garden
Halfway up the Eiffel Tower!
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France, Monaco and Italy in winter time


It's so common that people during winter go skiing, but we made another decision and departed for sunnier places. Our final destination on this voyage was in Cannes, France, since my husband had some business obligations there, so we decided to go together and visit Verona and Pisa in Italy during the outbound and inbound trip with our car. It was first longer voyage that we made with our 8-months old son, and our 10-years old daughter traveled around the world already. For all of us, except my husband, it was a first voyage to this cities in Italy and first time ever visit to France.

Julias Balcony, Verona
Anfiteatro di Verona
Swimmers in February, Cannes
Sand Art, Cannes
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